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Running an Agile leadership bootcamp can fast track a transformation

Contributions by:Karen Chan, Senior Consultant, TorontoInaya Dsouza, Associate, Los AngelesBen Lyon, Senior Consultant, LondonNate Nelson, Managing Director, Los AngelesFiona Royall, Project Lead, MelbourneRachna Verma, Senior Consultant, Sydney ADAPTOVATE recently partnered with a large company to design and run an Agile leadership bootcamp. There were three intended outcomes from the bootcamp Build a common language Align…

Leadership Insights

What it takes for Agile leadership to work

What is Agile leadership? Agile leadership reveals itself truely when teams are embracing the agile methodology for developing products and services. The agile leader should ‘get out of the way’ to let the right people take responsibility for running with agile. All the while being fully supportive of the change required in its operating model…

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Leadership Responsibilities in an Agile Transformation

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Leadership Responsibilities in an Agile Transformation

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ADAPTOVATE Media Network Case Studies Interviews

Working at Hyatt. Why leadership buy-in really stands out.

The BACKLOG PODCAST. Recorded by ADAPTOVATE — The Backlog PodcastListen here — or wherever you get your pods! This condensed article accompanies Ep 7 of The Backlog — The Podcast, by ADAPTOVATE. Frank Kazas is Director, Global Product Management with Hyatt Hotels Digital team. Frank has been responsible for four product teams focused on the pre-stay experience. In our…

Roles in Agile Teams

The Powerful Role Leadership Plays During a Crisis.

Leadership is about empathy. It is about having the ability to relate to and connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives. Oprah Winfrey The powerful role leadership plays during the pandemic has required leaders to think fast and change their leadership style to suit the challenging times.    Likewise, departmental teams working with…

Agile Operating Model

Can Agile be used in small teams?

The short answer is a resounding YES.  Yes Agile can (and should) be used in small teams.  Not only that, it’s the small Agile teams (pilot teams) that are used in a typical journey to scaling agile through an organisation. The benefits of Agile apply regardless of team size. The Benefits of Agile Consider these…

Business Agility Consulting & Training

How to explain to the rest of the business why an Agile Transformation is taking place?

“Agile Transformation” is shorthand for an organisation to demonstrate that they’re ready for change and into a better way of working. It signals an openness to doing things differently, being more collaborative, and a readiness to evolve.” Karen Chan, senior consultant, Toronto. Organisations that are overly reliant on previous experience and legacy processes can be…

Katy Hughes

Katy has a passion for technology and Agile ways of working and their place in transforming the way businesses operate and provide unique customer experiences. She enjoys working with teams to solve challenging issues by promoting collaboration, innovation and breaking down barriers to thinking differently.​ Katy’s consulting experience covers​ Transformed and embedded new ways of working and agile…

Business Agility Consulting & Training

Why Agile won’t fundamentally change your business (hint – it’s your people)

“People and their mindsets (which can, with coaching, be changed) are the true drivers of change in any organisation,” Kayla Cartwright, Project Lead We could start and end this article with that statement.   It has the four words that matter. People.Mindsets.Coaching.Change. We talk a lot about transformational change, consulting and coaching, the whys and the…

Richard Wilson

Richard, helps organisations with their agile at scale implementation to be more focused on customer and business value, helping them to delivering the right work and improving better outcomes and achieving faster time-to-market.  He was the co-founder of Jarow Digital (acquired by ADAPTOVATE) who became the first Atlassian Solution Partner in APAC to be accredited as an Agile…

Dave Stewart

Dave is an experienced Enterprise Agile Coach who helps organizations achieve their business transformation objectives using Agile frameworks and methodologies, Lean practices and Product Design Thinking approaches. Dave has led and coached organizations, team of teams and teams in their [email protected] transformation efforts. ​ Dave most recently led the Agile transformation efforts at the largest regional bank in New England,…

Agile Business Design Agile Delivery Improvement & Scale

7 challenges when scaling Agile. Our recommendations.

Back in mid-2019 we published an article addressing 5 ways to overcome challenges in scaling Agile.  Understandably, much has happened since then, so we wanted to revisit this topic and add a couple more. With the global pandemic, and increased uncertainty, we take a look with a new perspective at challenging engagements, and how to…

Agile Explained How To...

Immersive Agile Learning Experiences – Enabled by Mindset Change

Download this article in report form for sharing with your team. Pop in your email and download immediately. Do you recognise this scenario? You sit down, pen in hand, excited to learn something new from a day of training. Getting a break from the daily grind is an added bonus and a welcome change of…

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Are you putting your feelers out?If you’re curious about what it’s like working at ADAPTOVATE this is for you. Once a month we will send you our open roles, information about upcoming events, and stories from our consultants who have joined us already. No matter if you are graduating, already working at one of the…

Agile Delivery Improvement & Scale Agile Operating Model Case Studies

4 whys for Agile in Government

Co-authored by Brigitte Odgers-Jewell and Hwee Queen Chong from ADAPTOVATE Singapore Governments and public sector organisations work on some of the most pressing, multifaceted, and high stakes challenges in the world. The same pressures that affect organisations in the private sector are also affecting the public sector. For example, many public-sector organisations were suddenly faced…

Agile Business Design Remote Working

Six pandemic lessons that will improve business

The pandemic turned how we work upside down almost overnight.   One day there were inhouse client meetings, the next entire cities, populations and organisations were in lock down.   Acknowledging that we are still in the midst of some serious relapses globally, we are now almost 18 months on from that first jarring sudden flip.   Facing…

The New Normal

RESHAPING ORGANIZATIONS FORTALENT RECRUITMENT &RETENTION POST-PANDEMIC Download our new report on best practices for how to approach key challenges that have come about from the pandemic. Recently, our ADAPTOVATE Los Angeles leadership team sat down to discuss how leaders can reshape organizations to win in a post-pandemic world. They shared how the pandemic has emboldened…