ADAPTOVATE have a learning programme designed to get clients and new employees up to speed on Agile. Contact us to find out how you can access.

ADAPTOVATE has developed an online learning management program to enable remote learning for your team.

ADAPTOVATE works with global leaders in government and across all industries in the public sector. 

Your challenges include building team capability to deliver outcomes quickly in rapidly changing markets.  

We understand you need your employees to work productively as part of an agile business team.  

Once trained, team members will work with purpose and focus on prioritised work with clear accountability. They will employ a mindset of continuous improvement and collaborate to get the most important work done. 

ADAPTOVATE has developed an online learning management program to enable remote learning for your team which is: 

*relevant for a small team and scalable across your whole organization  

*created by coaches who have used agile in business teams not just in IT 

*easy for learners to understand as plain language is used throughout 

*accessible via any device regardless of learner location 

*practitioners in the market  

*created in modules to enable self-paced learning 

*simple for managers to track progress of learners  

*tested with our own ADAPTOVATE clients 

We can customise the training to enable you to suit the requirements of your diverse organisation. We can also extend training to include continuous coaching support so that learning is ongoing and your teams are challenged to improve consistently.  



Our pricing is simple.  

Our “Teach Me” package covers all your self-paced online learning needs. Each online course is priced on a per learner basis with discounts available based on the total number of learners in your organisation. For an additional fee, we are also able to customise the training content to suit your specific Agile training needs e.g. adjusting to specific nomenclatures.  

In addition, we have various customised offering beyond “Self-Paced Online” training to further sustain learnings to your teams. Here are some possible exciting and engaging options beyond online training.  

Get in touch with us now to start learning  

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