Agile Transformation Consultants

What is an Agile Transformation?

Many terms are used for the organisational-wide change, that is required when market forces dictate a new way is required to run your business (be it new planning and development methods, new products and services, or the ability to pivot quickly). In this article, we take a look at some of the more familiar terms, including Agile Transformation, Business Agility Transformation and Enterprise Agility Transformation.

An Agile Transformation is undertaken at an organisational-wide level. The organisation can be small, medium or large. It’s usually when a step-change or shift is required to shake things up due to growing pressure from customers or industry. The ‘writing may be on the wall’, or it’s evident that the business, while not failing, will do so in the future if a complete business change is not undertaken.

The business methodology that has been chosen by leadership is to implement Agile thinking and its methodology in its development of product and services. Thus it’s referred to as an ‘Agile Transformation’.

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Consultants will work with leadership and C-Suite level to determine and advise strategy for implementing an Agile Transformation.

Business Agility Transformation

Business Agility transformation is similar to above, except the diagnostic undertaken of the organisation identifies that Agile will only be one part of the recommendation. Other elements will be introduced to work alongside Agile. There still needs to be an organisational-wide change, that leans into ‘agility’ as a concept, however determining the best approach regarding which specific methodologies to employ depends on certain aspects of the change required.

Enterprise Agility Transformation

Enterprise Agility Transformation, is always referring to Agile being deployed at scale at an enterprise level. This will almost always require a top-down approach to Agile and the correct ground work to deploy teams of teams, tribes of tribes at the enterprise level.

External consultants will be brought in to undertake the launch of this kind of transformation, which eventually would see internal employees taking on full time agile coaching roles to sustain the success.

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