Brittany’s Backpack Ministry

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Brittany’s Backpack Ministry was founded in 2009. The purpose and passion behind the ministry are in honor of Brittany Nicole Smith who passed at the age 8 from Asthma. In memory of Brittany, who was incredibly generous and fond of school, they provide food, school supplies, and other resources to their neighborhood and under-resourced communities.

As part of our Pledge 1% partnership – ADAPTOVATE supported the organization recently with launching their new website and providing business advice from the team.

Listen to our Senior Consultant in Los Angeles, Ray Freeman sits down in conversation with the inspiring team from Brittany’s Backpack Ministry.

Listen to their story of how this incredible non-profit came about and what they are up to in the future. They support over 1000 people per year through the organisation, that provides critical school supplies and nutritious food and other resources to the community in Dallas Texas.

You can also watch the interview on our YouTube channel.

You can follow Brittany’s Backpack Ministry on Facebook and Instagram .

Case Study:


  • BBM is a national nonprofit dedicated to furthering the legacy of Brittany Nicole Smith through various philanthropic efforts such as providing food and school supplies to under-resourced communities​
  • ADAPTOVATE partnered with BBM as part of our commitment to Pledge 1%, dedicating part of our firm’s success to support a local community partner​
  • BBM was looking for a way to build their brand presence and structure their organization to better position the organization for growth​

Key Activities:

  • We interviewed the founders of BBM to better understand their vision for the organization as well as their current challenges​
  • We discovered that variability in brand image and fragmented operations were the two largest impediments to BBM’s success ​
  • We partnered with BBM to refine and prioritize the primary opportunities that were identified during our interviews and subsequent analysis​
  • We outlined a multi-pronged approach to transform BBM’s operations, focusing on (1) branding, (2) reach / awareness, and (3) platform
  • Refreshed logo, branding, and mission statement, establishing a cohesive brand image across their various social media platforms​
  • Organized, facilitated, and published a video interview + podcast that formalized the organization’s origin story and broadcast their vision for future growth via multiple channels (LinkedIn, Apple Music, Spotify)​


  • Built and delivered a fully-functional website with the following key features:​
  • Streamlined payment / donation gateway that provides formal receipts + tax documentation to donors (maximize donations and bolster credibility)​
  • Created a Origin story + mission statement
  • Built a interactive calendar of events w/ iCal and Outlook integration​
  • Planned out comprehensive integration with existing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter​

“We are so honored to have worked with the Adaptovate Team to develop our Ministry Website in addition to the many other areas of our ministry that they assisted us in growing. They took great care, spent much quality time and offered valuable insight and information to help further our cause in impacting the community at large. Words can’t express our sincere gratitude to Adaptovate for partnering with Brittany’s Backpack Ministry to expand  our reach in the community and beyond.” 

Sandra Smith, Founder​

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