Business Agility Consulting & Training


Many organisations find themselves caught in dated, no longer effective, ways of working. This makes the process of adapting to rapid market changes or exploring new operating model avenues slow and complex.​

At ADAPTOVATE, we support executives, management and working teams at any stage of their agile at scale transformation. We help embed new ways of working in teams and organisations via a unique design, train, coach and embed approach. Our business agility experience spans across all levels, from individuals and teams to enterprise-scaled Agile, bringing together technology, operations, front line and functional areas, and at any stage of your agile at scale journey from establishing and launching pilot teams to scaling across the organisation to maturing your current agile ways of working.​

While Agile is often related to software development, at ADAPTOVATE we realise that its principles are applicable across the organisational value chain and can create substantial benefits in non-Technology areas. 

Business Agility delivers tangible business outcomes by accelerating speed to value delivered, improved productivity and employee engagement​. Through our tailored test and learn approach we support leaders and their teams to embed an agile mindset to think and act differently, and work together to deliver better customer outcomes. We help business and technology teams adopt agile ways of working, including Digital, Marketing, HR, Risk, Compliance, Corporate Service and Operational areas.​

Design, Establish and Mature an Agile centre-of-excellence to help at any stage consistently embed your Agile ways of working and sustain the behaviour and an agile mindset across the organisation resulting in improved employee engagement and realise tangible productivity gains​

Maturity assessments identify what is going well and should be scaled as well as where improvements can be made. We identify the key enablers impacting speed of delivery and our assessment establishes a baseline for tracking maturity and continuous improvement.​

Consulting, mentoring, coaching and training help reinforce an agile and growth mindset and enable empowerment through strong alignment on what success looks like, resulting in high employee morale. We provide coaching on agile practices and mindset as well as customer mindset, customer thinking  and adopting an ethnographic approach to solving business problems

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