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Over 80% of digital transformations fail to deliver their expected benefits.

Many organisations find their traditional ways of working too slow and complex to allow them to adapt to rapid market changes and innovate. They lack Business Agility.

Business Agility is the ability to react faster to changing customer needs and business environments. It is fundamental for success in the modern business world.

ADAPTOVATE supports organizations at any stage of their Agile at scale transformation by embedding new ways of working via a unique “design, train, coach and embed” approach. The Business Agility Consulting and Training practice area focuses on three areas:

  1. Business Agility enablement accelerates speed to value delivered, improves productivity and employee engagement by enabling Agile teams. With a tailored test and learn approach, we launch Agile teams and grow them to maturity, helping business and technology adopt new ways of working. 
  2. Agile Centre-of-Excellence establishment embeds and sustains Agile capabilities within organisations for continuous improvement. We provide organisations with the expertise to design, implement and effectively operate an Agile Centre of Excellence. 
  3. Immersive learning experiences that build core Agile skills throughout the different stages of an Agile at scale transformation by providing customized learning paths to train, grow and support key Agile roles, including coaches and senior leaders.

Case Studies and Experience: 

We have supported Agile transformation journeys across many industries – among others banking and finance, insurance, mining, oil and gas, aviation, healthcare and retail – as well and government and non-government organisations. We helped organisations achieve over 20% cost reduction, 2-3x faster time to market and significant increase in employee engagement. 

  • A global oil and gas company realised an 80% cost reduction in projects and 75% reduction in time to decision by leveraging Agile ways of working. We trained and coached over 100+ employees and contractors in teams across 6 countries. We changed the way they approach and prioritise problems and make decisions in high-impact cross-functional teams. More than 40 initiatives were launched enterprise-wide to accelerate outcomes with Agile teams. 
  • A global pharmaceutical company achieved 4x faster time to market and over US$30 million in identified savings with the launch and empowerment of pilot Agile teams and new ways of working. We also designed a blueprint for company-wide delivery life cycle which allowed for scaling Agile in the company. 
  • A leading Australian Bank saw a 60% improvement in Team Health Check Score – a measurement of employee satisfaction and engagement after more than 5000 employees and vendors moved to Agile ways of working. We trained 450+ Agile squads and upskilled 95+ coaches. 

Our experience spans across all levels, from individuals and teams to enterprise-level scaled Agile, bringing together business and technology across all functional areas. This applies to any stage of your Agile at scale journey from establishing and launching pilot teams to scaling across the entire organisation and sustaining with dedicated internal coaching capability. 

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