Agile Business Design Case Study

Defining new member journeys with Agile Business Design at a private health insurer

The Challenge

Our client, a private health insurer, wanted to undertake a member-centred transformation of its entire business. As part of this they had already redesigned and were rebuilding their member-facing systems. With this in mind, they wanted to ensure that they redesigned the end-to-end journey with member centricity as the primary consideration, rather than from a systems or functional perspective. Their difficulty was they were strongly siloed and had limited experience in redesigning end-to-end member-centric journeys.


Together with the client, ADAPTOVATE prioritised the most important journeys from a member perspective. Recognising that no single function could do justice to all member interactions, we helped the business define and mobilise cross-functional agile teams. The members of these teams provided complete and expert coverage of the entirety of the member experience across all touch-points.

ADAPTOVATE then coached those teams in the agile delivery of new member journeys: encompassing deriving goals from member feedback, mapping the current state, identifying existing pain points, and defining the set of interactions they wanted members to have.

An Agile approach meant that this initiative was executed quickly and ongoing transparency of results, progress and next steps. Adopting a Test and Learn approach, the teams were able to gain member feedback and rapidly incorporate into their designs. A weekly showcase provided the team an opportunity to share insights with senior stakeholders, integrate further feedback and re-prioritise as necessary.


Over thirty executives and staff were engaged and empowered to take ownership of the future direction of member interactions in the business. As a result, our client developed nine member-centric journeys that will be implemented by the newly-created and now self-managing agile teams. These changes will be fed into all areas of the business across marketing, sales, operations and systems.