Design Sprint Case Study

Using Design Sprints to develop a novel approach to strategic partnering for a major international resources corporation

The Challenge

ADAPTOVATE’s client was a global resources company in the mining, metals and petroleum sector. They handled multi-billion-dollar strategic service contracts each year, ​ but: ran the contract management process inconsistently across regions and vendors, lacked clear role demarcations and accountabilities, had too many hand-offs and there was little collaboration between the business, suppliers and vendors​.

Our client was experiencing substantial leakage on high value strategic contracts, often due to not having the right capabilities in place to manage such complex contracts​.


We conducted an Agile Design Sprint with the key stakeholders to quickly align the on the objectives, frame the problem and prototype solutions to be tested and developed further​. The Design Sprint used techniques from Lean, Design Thinking and Agile to reframe the problem with greater focus on the clients’ customer​s and help the team think differently about the problem.

In the sprint, the team: designed two new contract management model prototypes, developed a user testing plan to validate each prototype with stakeholders across regions, and developed a rollout plan. The rollout plan aimed to embed the new model through a series of fast paced pilots using agile ways of working​.


Together with the client we identified significant benefits in finding a new way of operating to better manage high value strategic contracts​. As a result of our engagement, the client achieved strong leadership alignment on the proposed models and endorsement to rollout a test & learn pilot approach. These pilots produced the consistency that had been missing, preventing the value leakage described.

The engagement established the beginnings of a new culture and noticeably stronger cross-functional engagement.