Dave Stewart

Dave is an experienced Enterprise Agile Coach who helps organizations achieve their business transformation objectives using Agile frameworks and methodologies, Lean practices and Product Design Thinking approaches. Dave has led and coached organizations, team of teams and teams in their [email protected] transformation efforts. ​

Dave most recently led the Agile transformation efforts at the largest regional bank in New England, a global investment bank, and the leading commercial real-estate insurance company. His experience spans the banking, insurance, fintech, marketing, and management consulting industries. ​

Dave is a frequent speaker in the New England and NYC tech communities on the topics of modern organizational design, Agile methodologies and the adoption of DevSecOps. ​

Dave has:​

  • Led the design and implantation of a new Agile operating model of tribes, squads and chapters for the cybersecurity, consumer and commercial banking products, enterprise data architecture and science, and operations process automation divisions of a large regional bank.​
  • As the Head of the Agile CoE for the investment banking platform division at a leading global investment bank he developed enterprise Agile awareness campaigns, training materials, designed the SRE function; and reinforced these initiatives by establishing and nurturing Centers of Excellence and Communities of Practice in Agile Practitioners, DevSecOps, UX and Product Management.​
  • Advised and coached executive leadership through the journey on the adoption of business agility practices such as the initial development of transformation OKRs, strategic roadmap planning, budgeting and maturity assessment in order to support their Agile transformation initiative. ​
  • Led executive teams in Design Sprints to identify and develop organizational structure and change management required for a successful transformation.​