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Diversity & Inclusion during COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to decimate the world in 2021, it’s important, now more than ever, to remind ourselves how impactful COVID-19 is playing on minorities and in the context of Diversity and Inclusion.

We are are looking back at this special episode from The Backlog podcast.

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In this episode of The Backlog by ADAPTOVATE, Kayla Cartwright is in conversation with Veronica Millen. Kayla is a project lead with ADAPTOVATE in North America, who has a specific interest and experience in Diveristy and Inclusion in the workplace.

Veronica Millen is an executive coach and career coach based in Melbourne Australia. Veronica is an independent consultant that focuses on Human Resources / People & Culture and in particular coaching and D&I.

In this special episode Kayla and Veronica explore what Covid-19 means in the context of Diversity and Inclusion. They discuss the positive and negative outcomes regarding COVID-19’s impact on Diversity and Inclusion globally and what may happen next.

This episode was originally recorded in 2020

Mentioned in the podcast:


Article: (not mentioned in podcast, however Veronica recommended this post the conversation)

Harvard implicit associations:

The Privilege Walk:

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