Developing Agile Coaching Capability in Asia

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Developing Agile Coaching Capability in Asia
Authored by Hwee Queen ChongCo-authored by Erika Gonzalez, Andy Koh and Ash Patil Why and…

Authored by Hwee Queen Chong
Co-authored by Erika Gonzalez, Andy Koh and Ash Patil

Why and How 
Asian Organisations Should Develop 
an Internal Agile Coaching Capability  

Business agility is the ability for whole organisations to respond to change quickly and with benefit. To achieve business agility, organisations must scale and implement Agile at the enterprise level. Scaling Agile goes beyond simply replicating Agile ceremonies and practices across an increasing number of teams/departments.

Rather, it is about changing the fundamental DNA of an organisation – mindsets, values and behaviours on top of artefacts and ceremonies. 

Change requires many things to be aligned and in place within the organisation. One of which is to ensure you have clearly defined and recruited the necessary Agile roles into the organisation. 

A core role in scaling and sustaining Agile at the enterprise level is the Agile Coach. Agile Coaches act as change agents to scale and sustain enterprise-wide Agile implementation. They help leaders and teams adopt Agile ways of working and embed Agile practices and behaviours across the organisation. 

They do it through on-the-job coaching, facilitation and mentoring that are tailored to teams and to different phases of the organisation’s Agile transformation roadmap. 

Why develop an internal Agile coaching capability? 

Scaling Agile in a sustainable manner 

Having internal coaches provides greater consistency and certainty of the organisation’s coaching capability. It reduces the risk of the capability disappearing as compar