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Unspoken Truths. The Outsider’s Journey in Leadership

Download our executive article on Unspoken Truths. The Outsider’s Journey in Leadership

Legacy Ways of Working Are Killing Your Climate Change Ambitions

Here at the start of 2023, it is table stakes that every organization has a robust climate strategy and commitments in place to achieve significant emissions reductions.

How to become a leader as a product owner

How do you become a better leader? In this interesting edition of Agile Talks, Alan raises this question. As a skilled, smart practitioner in your field, how do you transfer your skills to lead a team as a Product Owner?

4 key areas to measure success with your client

“As with all of our clients, success is both tangible and intangible. Of course, hitting the key results that we set out on any engagement is paramount.” Nate Nelson, MD USA ADAPTOVATE

Cost Cutting and Efficiencies Using New Ways of Working