This Consulting Life. Six Ways to Re-energise for the New Year.

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This Consulting Life. Six Ways to Re-energise for the New Year.
We look at six ways you can re-energies at the start of a new year.

In  our new occasional blog series “THIS CONSULTING LIFE”, we sit down with some of the team across the world at ADAPTOVATE.  We ask them some behind the scenes techniques and tips on their agile consulting practices.   

If you are a consultant – these articles may help re-affirm or help kickstart new ways of thinking.  If you are thinking of changing careers to be a consultant (and we hope you are!), we trust these articles may help answer some questions you have.

To kick things off and given we have just dived into 2020, we asked the team their techniques on how to re-energise for the new year.

At ADAPTOVATE we recognise that when you work in a profession like consulting, and coach or consult in an industry like Agile, that teams need to keep motivated and inspired.  It’s important when working with client’s day to day that no matter what is going on behind the scenes, at work or home, it’s ‘game face on’ when with a client.

We’re not going to pretend that sometimes the last thing consultants want to do is head to a new client, new people, new faces and new challenges.   (it’s also one of the things that drives consultants – it’s a consulting paradox – but that’s for another article).

ADAPTOVATE team pride themselves on a client first ethic and never put themselves ‘into the story’ so to speak.    Our team travels the world on a weekly if not daily basis.  They will be in Asia one day, then back to Los Angeles the next.   Or asked to head over to New York from Singapore for three months for a client tenure.

So, we thought it may be interesting for you to hear what techniques and approaches they will be adopting this year to ensure they are re-energised for 2020.


To kick things off our co-founder at ADAPTOVATE, Doug Ross suggests “Restate the purpose for the year, and break it down into achievable outcomes each quarter.”

He continues “Make sure your team is aligned, then get out of bed running at that goal, and watch your team follow you.”

We use OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) at ADAPTOVATE as a company.   They work for us because they connect company, team and personal objectives.   You or your organisation may use something else to help drive your objectives to reality.


Doug also believe it’s crucial to celebrate.   He says, “Change what you celebrate often, and celebrate teaming, and the right things – transparency, engagement, trust in each other, rapid testing and learning in the market.”

Which reminds us of this great Nelson Mandela quote “remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.”

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One of our team in Sydney, Shilen Modi, has committed to a weekly practice.  “At the start of every week” he says “I am going to be setting myself a professional goal and a personal goal. However, by doing certain things, the goals will be achievable and won’t be unacceptable”.

That second part is important.  It will be the systems that Shilen puts in place (he’s already thinking that, because he knows they will be achievable) that will see him succeed.

Understanding that winners and losers have the same goal, unlocks this idea.   It’s the systems that winners put in place that make the difference.    It’s a bit trite, but it’s an important distinction when setting your weekly practice.

Editor: If you are interested in learning more about Systems and Goals – James Clear is the man.  Head over here.


One of the 12 key principles that define “be Agile” in the Agile Manifesto, states “the best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.”

Kayla Cartwright from our Los Angeles office said “Coming to agile teams from a more “traditional”