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ADAPTOVATE supports HR functions to deliver the best experiences for employees and meet business demands.

Home » Functions » Human Resources

Human Resources, alternatively named People & Culture or Culture & People, strives to deliver the best experiences for employees and attract, retain and develop great talent. Traditional ways of working have resulted in siloed HR teams and unclear priorities. They also emphasize processes over people and lack end to end ownership so that employees are dealing with multiple people to resolve a simple issue such as verifying a payslip. As a result, HR is facing challenges in low employee engagement, responding quickly to changing market needs, and struggling to retain talent. 


To stay relevant and add value, Human Resources needs to transform. Implementing agile in HR prioritises employee experiences, aligns work to strategy, and enables quick response to changing business needs.  


ADAPTOVATE works closely with HR teams using human centred design methods to create solutions that deliver great employee experiences. 


ADAPTOVATE uses agile ways of working to partner with the business receiving regular feedback from stakeholders, and implement priorities, and measure progress. 


ADAPTOVATE designs HR organisational models to reduce silos, increase collaboration, and increase the speed of delivery to support organisation agility.