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ADAPTOVATE supports organisations’ digital transformation in health so that they can maximise value delivered to their patients despite major market disruptions.

Organisations in the Health industry such as pharmaceuticals, hospitals, research laboratories, life sciences and health insurance are continuously working to deliver the best care for their patients and members in the fastest and most efficient ways possible. The major market disruptions such as shifts to digital solutions and COVID-19 pandemic have increased the demands for health organisations to increase speed to market and remain competitive. 


ADAPTOVATE consults, trains, and coaches organisations in the Health industry to adapt to market disruptions by leveraging agile ways of working. 

ADAPTOVATE helps organisations remain relevant in the market by utilising design thinking methods to offer patient-focused solutions and accelerate time to market by delivering those solutions in an iterative test-and-learn approach. 

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ADAPTOVATE has helped organisations in Health realised several benefits when adopting agile ways of working.

Increase best practice sharing among staff and boost development of broader skillsets through simplified roles.

Increase communication and efficiencies at every level through cross-functional teams aligned to patient needs.

Strengthen common ownership of business outcomes and inject autonomy to deliver solutions quickly through clearly defined measurable goals that are cascaded to teams.

Working with clients.

ADAPTOVATE works with global organisations in the Health industry to deliver tangible business and patient outcomes, and some of which are:

3x proposed role simplification.

2x faster cycle time for combining clinical trial datasets for algorithm training.

Increase in novel therapeutic compounds for testing due to 20%+ reuse of datasets for drug discovery algorithms.

Unlocking efficiencies in a compliance-heavy environment at a leading pharmaceutical organisation.

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