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Alex has spent more than 12 years working within Agile Teams, large transformations and Enterprise Architecture to ensure that business and technology delivers long lasting change and difference for organisations. At BCG, he specialises in Agile at Scale transformations and Technology having spent more than 10 years working for ING Group and ING Bank in various roles across business, operations & IT. His experience includes:  

Supported of ING Bank in the Netherlands and Australia in building their Agile Ways of Working based on the whole enterprise adoption of the Spotify model with a strong focus on governance and implementation. 

Led numerous Agile at Scale transformations in terms of design, implementation and coaching across Australia, Asia and Europe. 

Supported numerous Customer Journey teams in adopting Agile Ways of Working 

Built a global Enterprise Architecture function for ING Bank, to ensure coherence and modularity of IT platforms to support autonomous Agile teams 

Led numerous transformation Program’s with budgets varying from $10m to $350m 

Key facts:

  • Bachelor of International Affairs and Economics and Master of Political Science from Warsaw School of Economics  
  • Involved with various charities raising more than $500,000 for UNICEF

Expert areas:

  • Board



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