ADAPTOVATE works with teams to rapidly build and test prototypes as part of iterative delivery.

ADAPTOVATE coaches organisations to be able to answer big problems and develop working prototypes within a week. One way we do this is we employ design sprints to start delivering value to customers through rapid product iterations. Design sprints are a key way to deliver a prototype. 

But what is prototyping and why is it important to business?

Developing a small scale, rapid version of anything, be it a small maquette model of your future home, or a test version (MVP) of a new application will allow for fast immediate feedback to assist rapid iterative development. (test and learn).    


A simple understanding of this is your everyday mobile app, that requires regular updating on your phone. The mobile app is never final, and is always learning from user feedback and improving on the last version. 


A lot of the prototyping ADAPTOVATE is involved in, will have a version or part of a design with enough functioning elements to understand and test functionality and risks. 

Rather than a traditional planning process in which the customer is the last person involved, putting prototypes in front of customers, engage them as quickly as possible. Customer feedback lies at the heart of the test and learn approach as teams are able to continually improve and refine products. 


Creating a fast, cost-effective feedback cycle on a prototype will allow an end product to be much closer to what the customer needs, now what we think they need. 

ADAPTOVATE coaches will work with teams to ensure all voices are heard, enabling the decision maker to pick the best idea to prototype.

ADAPTOVATE will guide your team to create the prototype and understand how to iterate on feedback, efficiently. How will users engage with your solution? What are the touchpoints along the customer journey? What test metrics do you want to track, and how will you gather them? How will you know if your solution has solved the problem? 

So, ADAPTOVATE will work with your team to build a prototype that can be put in front of customers for user testing.

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can facilitate design sprints.

ADAPTOVATE coaches teams to rapidly prototype solutions by applying a human centred design approach through design sprints among other methods.

Solve problems that really matter to customers, through applying a human centred design approach to identify and prioritise real customer pain-points.

educe risk and product development costs resulting from a failure to engage the customer from the start of a project.

Gain real customer feedback through rapid prototyping, enabling a test and learn culture to quickly respond to market or customer changes.

Better decision-making and increased staff-engagement as teams are brought closer to the customer, where they have greater visibility of problems and can see when solutions delight the customer.

Working with clients.

At a leading Australian bank, ADAPTOVATE worked with the bank’s risk team to transform approval processes through the development of 3 risk approval prototypes by the end of a design sprint. After rigorous customer testing, these prototypes delivered:

6 times faster average risk approval times.

Reduction in number of risk approval artefacts from 20 to 1.

Streamlined approval times for simple issues from weeks to 15 minutes