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Customer experience responsibility can no longer be owned by sales or services departments, it needs to become the core focus of your entire company..

When teams are not working well, there will be low morale, deadlines not met, and consumers dissatisfied with the end product.  


When teams stop delivering, it can usually be worked through with a form of diagnostic or a retrospective where teams analyse what could be done differently or improved to generate a greater sense of purpose or a more clearly defined goal. Introducing new ways of working into an organisation, will help reset and reconfigure how the organisation operates, with the result being more functional teams, better return on investment and faster speed to market.  

Embed an Agile Operating Model to always be aligned as an organization on customer-centric goals.

ADAPTOVATE helps businesses to re-design their operating models to be customer driven by creating high-performing collaborative teams who better adapt and respond to evolving customer needs. 

The three key enablers in an agile operating model support the transition to a customer centric organisation.  

Broad alignment on purpose

Clear strategic narratives and objectives are built around meeting the highest priority customer needs. These objectives are reviewed on a quarterly basis to adapt to the quickly evolving landscape.

Autonomy and collaboration

Cross-functional teams are created around customer centric missions, hence removing silos and communication barriers. An innovative and intentional culture provides autonomy to employees to deliver the best solutions.

Empowered people with authority

Teams are empowered to act on delivering solutions within their area of the customer journey resulting in greater adaptability and increased speed to market.

Become an innovation hub working directly with customers to envision the future.

ADAPTOVATE has a tried and tested path to embedding a culture of innovation in your organization. 

  1. Run a pilot design sprint, test with actual customers, and show what innovation at your organisation could look like 
  2. Initiate multiple innovation pilots involving design thinking workshops and design sprints across the business 
  3. At the tipping point, there will be increased adoption and capability, a test and learn culture will start to become the normal 
  4. Culture of innovation and business agility established 

Utilize agile ways of working to deliver valuable customer outcomes faster.

ADAPTOVATE specialises in new ways of working, and we use agile principles to transform teams to deliver with a focus on the customer. Product and service delivery are aligned to customer journey maps, real customers are engaged during testing cycles, rapid feedback is incorporated into fast iterations resulting in faster delivery and higher quality.

Contact us to learn how to become a customer-centric organisation.

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