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The Back Story Interview – Mamta Mehra
This months The Back Story interview features one of our Singapore team, Mamta Mehra.

Each month we sit down with one of our global team, to discover more about who they are. This month we speak with Mamta Mehra from our Singapore team.

Why did you join us?  Were you in the industry previously, or looking for a new career direction?

Prior to ADAPTOVATE, I worked at a global FMCG company for 4 years in the U.A.E. which provided a solid foundation and great exposure very early on in my career. It gave me the opportunity to work directly with key client accounts and learn from senior executives right off the bat, for which I am very grateful. Come 2018, the itch to travel and fulfil my dream of being a global citizen was too much ignore and I found myself in Australia for my Masters. I got a taste of consulting during university and through various internships, and it was then I decided I wanted to pivot and take my career in a new direction.

I stumbled upon ADAPTOVATE thanks to the LinkedIn algorithm! ADAPTOVATE seemed like the culture I wanted to be a part of and I felt it straight away, right from my first interview. I realised they don’t just talk the talk but also walk the walk. They also put me through my paces during my interview and if that was anything to go by, I knew the work would be challenging and stimulating, in the best way. ADAPTOVATE provides the perfect blend of consulting as well as coaching opportunities, with a focus on not only the analytical but also the human and relational aspects of the job! Our affiliation with some big firms has been an added bonus, along with the learning, development and growth opportunities.

How has your previous experience and career helped define where you are now? Would you have done things differently?

My career has in no way been linear. I’ve always loved and needed variety and a challenge when it comes to work. I’ve jumped at every opportunity to engage with and meet different kinds of people across various industries and travel – making consulting a no brainer. However, I didn’t really know what consulting was or even meant back then. If I did, I probably would’ve entered the industry earlier.

That being said, I don’t discount my previous experience at all having dabbled in finance, sales, marketing, business development, data engagement and technology. As they say, all experience is good experience and it got me here. And for that, I’m grateful!

How do you balance your work life with your ‘real’ life –   Do you have a good balance and how important is it to you?

Balance and establishing strong boundaries has taken on a new meaning post-pandemic, wouldn’t you say? If I’m being honest, I’m a work in progress when it comes to finding and maintaining a balance in my personal and professional life.

Lucky for me, ADAPTOVATE supports work-life balance and I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t! Movement of any kind, be it hitting the weights, going for a run, riding my bike, taking a spin class, yoga, travelling overseas as often as I can, gets me out of my funk, gives me energy and helps me decompress. I’ve realised how important it is to slow down, take stock of everything going on in life and reset to ensure I’m the best version of myself FOR myself and others around me. Can’t fill from an empty cup!

Mamta travelling in Tasmania, Australia
With so many of our team remote working,  we always like to ask how do you have your home office/desk set up?   Organised or chaos? Any top tips?

Currently, it’s pure chaos! I just moved from Melbourne to Singapore and am in the midst of moving houses. So if I’m being honest, my home office set up for the past month has been my cousin’s dining table! Though generally, my office set up is more organised chaos than chaos. I have a portable stand that I take with me everywhere so that my screen is at eye-level and a second screen, because who is a consultant without a second screen? Also, plants. Lots of plants to raise the chi in my household!

Do you play music during your Agile workshops with clients?    What do you recommend on your latest playlist?

I don’t usually, though it might not be a bad idea depending on the type of client workshop being run and level of concentration required. I do however need help curating a playlist and will probably be stealing another ADAPTOVATOR’s playlist till then.

How do you think technology has best helped humanity and do you have any concerns about our future?

Technology has no doubt transformed the way humans live and interact as a species. It forms a huge part of what I do for work, with productivity gains to be had and when ethically used, has resulted in some of the greatest innovations of our time. However, if I were to be slightly philosophical, I sometimes wonder.

Technology started off as a means to connect us but somehow, I find we as a species are more disconnected now than ever. We spend way too much time isolating ourselves and disconnecting from the real world in order to maintain the perception of being connected. I believe it’s important for our generation and the generations that follow to be mindful and try to course correct as time goes on.

Strategic Foresight allows companies to detect changes early and ensure action is taken quickly.  Which companies have you seen able to  change and adapt quickly? (and hopefully using Agile methods to do so)

Airbnb. At the height of the pandemic, the company went into free fall causing bookings to drop over 70% and lose half its valuation. The story of how they came back from the brink with an IPO valued at $30 billion under Brian Chesky is a masterclass in leadership and serves as a playbook for turning businesses around.

What does success mean to you personally?

Success to me is a life of freedom. Financial, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, as well in terms of time and impact I can create in this life.

Finally – You’ve time travelled back to your 10-year-old self – What advice would you give?

Dare to dream big and dare to do it. No-one is holding you back but yourself. Trust yourself (advice I give myself even now ;)) Be patient.

How have you found working through life and work during COVID?

Hard? Strange? But with the worst behind us (I hope), I realise I’ve come out of it much stronger than I was and grateful for family, friends, community and meaningful work. I’ve also tried to look at this phase of my life from the lens of self development and growth. I believe the biggest lesson I’ve learnt is – ‘Focus on what you can control and forget the rest’. That has really helped me navigate through uncertainty, anxiety and maintain peace of mind!

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