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ADAPTOVATE supports Marketing to know their customers better and respond faster to their rapidly changing needs.

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Marketing teams strive to discover and satisfy customer needs by reaching  target customer segments and communicating the benefits of the organisation’s offerings to them. By raising brand awareness and engagement, generating high volume of qualified leads and building trust with customers, organisations increase market share and profitability. 


As market disruptions continue and competition continues to rise, customer needs rapidly change. Marketing strategies and tools continue to evolve. Marketing teams face increasing pressure to deliver effective customer experiences. 

In traditional marketing teams all marketing disciplines are siloed e.g. brand, events, CRM and digital media. Within Agile marketing teams, work is done within a cross-functional team called a squad to solve a customer problem with a new or improved product or service or meet a strategic brand objective.  

ADAPTOVATE helps Marketing form agile teams that are persistent cross-functional teams aligned to strategy or a customer journey/product/service. This reduces silos and handovers, resulting in better team collaboration, sharing of best practices, and empowerment as team members have more control on the outcomes. 


Marketers interact frequently with businesses outside the organisation including advertising agencies, media planning and buying agencies and event suppliers. Within an agile marketing operating model, prioritisation is valued and frequently challenged within 2 week work cycles called sprints to ensure that only the highest priorities are worked on within the team and those they interact with externally. The constant prioritisation also influences marketing expenditure, as spend on advertising is fluid according to market changes and data from customer insights and sales.  


ADAPTOVATE supports marketers to adapt better to changing customer needs while maintaining efficiency and uplifting the marketers engagement. Marketing teams are aware of the discrete goal each campaign is trying to achieve which builds their sense of purpose and increases the visibility of their work internally.

ADAPTOVATE partners with Marketing to define measurable goals that are in line with organisation goals and a framework to monitor and review goals frequently. This allows teams to respond faster to changes in the environment while ensuring transparency and alignment of work to the broader organisation strategy. 


ADAPTOVATE trains and coaches Marketing teams to scale and embed agile ways of working that increase efficiency of delivery. Through an iterative test-and-learn delivery approach, end to end working solutions are validated with customers on a regular basis and feedback is collected to iterate on and refine the solution. This reduces waste of delivering solutions that do not match customer needs

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can help Marketing on their transformation journey.

Marketing teams benefit from agile ways of working

ADAPTOVATE helps Marketing teams improve through agile ways of working

Faster response changes in environment by defining measurable goals linked to the organisation that are reviewed frequently.

Increased productivity through greater organisational transparency and shared priorities, allowing teams to focus on what’s really important.

More team empowerment through cross-functional teams with clear goals and ownership of outcomes.

Working with clients.

ADAPTOVATE works with Marketing to scale agile ways of working and agile operating model that delivers tangible business and customer outcomes.