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ADAPTOVATE supports technology organisations and teams create new solutions, improve customer experience and drive business growth.

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Technology has disrupted almost every industry.  Constant change is the new norm. It has also unlocked countless opportunities for organisations to grow and improve. From data driven marketing insights to new online sales channels, the role of tech is expanding in every organisation. Teams are experiencing change in their roles and responsibilities as technology begins to influence customer experience, business strategy and revenue.   


Technology teams include team members with highly specialised skill sets e.g. coding or modelling who are often familiar with using agile ways of working however traditionally tech teams are not frequently exposed to the ‘voice’ of the customer. Keeping up with the demands of new tech and coding practice can make constantly assessing what the end user would value difficult. ADAPTOVATE creates cross-functional teams to build the partnership between technology teams and other business team members who bring insight into the customer e.g. marketing. Frequently, internal ‘end users’ of the tech team’s product are also involved in product development to ensure risks are mitigated at development stage e.g. customer service or finance.  

ADAPTOVATE helps technology teams innovate and keep up with the changing business and customer needs. ADAPTOVATE trains and coaches teams to create a common language and understanding of agile ways of working, designs and implements agile operating models for technology teams, and aligns technology strategy with business objectives. 


ADAPTOVATE trains and coaches teams to establish a common language for agile ways of working within the organisation. First ADAPTOVATE assesses the agile maturity of the teams in order to tailor the training and coaching. ADAPTOVATE then delivers the training and provides 1:1 coaching to leaders and teams to bring them all to a uniform level of proficiency. 

ADAPTOVATE works with leaders to co-design and implement agile technology operating models. In designing an operational model,

ADAPTOVATE first ensures leadership buy-in and alignment on overall purpose of change, then co-designs the operating model with relevant stakeholders with frequent rounds of feedback, and then determines rollout approach and launches the new operating model. 


ADAPTOVATE aligns technology and business strategy to ensure that business objectives are being met. ADAPTOVATE co-creates measurable goals and cascades them to the teams using tracking frameworks like Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). ADAPTOVATE also embeds frameworks (such as Quarterly Delivery Cycles) for regular planning, progress tracking and dispute resolution to guarantee a high success rate of initiatives planned throughout the year. 

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can help Technology teams on their transformation journey.

Technology teams benefit from agile ways of working.

ADAPTOVATE empowers technology teams to become critical business delivery partners.

Increase efficiency and delivery predictability by training and coaching teams to establish a common language for agile ways of working.

Optimise organisational ways of working and capabilities by designing and implementing agile operating models for technology teams.

Improve success across initiatives and business goals realisation by aligning technology strategies to business objectives.

Working with clients.

ADAPTOVATE works with technology to deliver tangible business and customer outcomes: