ADAPTOVATE supports organisations in the banking industry on their agile digital transformation journey.

Today’s banking sector is experiencing unprecedented technological change, with customers demanding solutions including mobile payments, cyber security and cryptocurrency.

The fast pace of change requires new ways of working, enabling teams to deliver value at speed. The most successful banks will be those able to delight customers through rapid feedback cycles, and able to attract the best talent through empowered, agile teams.

ADAPTOVATE offers consulting, training, and coaching to banks, supporting them to develop products or services through an iterative approach. ADAPTOVATE works closely with teams on cross-functional collaboration, delivering better products by ensuring the customer is kept at the heart of the design process.

ADAPTOVATE’s Agile Consultants and Coaches work to train and upskill your teams for sustained success, regardless of where they are on their agile and digital transformation journey.

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can support a bank digital transformation strategy.

Benefits of agile in banking

ADAPTOVATE supports digital transformation in corporate banking, wealth management, and personal banking through agile ways of working. The five most commonly observed benefits for banking we’ve seen are in line with the Efma Global business agility report 2021 findings.

Increased collaboration through agile teams, incorporating skills and expertise drawn from across the organisation.

Increased product delivery speed through iterative development sprints.

Ability to quickly adapt and innovate in response to changing market needs through the use of rapid feedback and learning cycles.

Improved staff engagement through empowered agile teams, with a greater sense of ownership of the products they develop.

Increases in productivity, through greater transparency of company objectives cascaded to teams allowing them to align their work to organisational priorities.

Working with clients.

We have worked with several financial services globally including banking, wealth management, advisory, insurance, FinTech with proven track record of delivering tangible business benefits: