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ADAPTOVATE supports government agencies working in highly regulated environments to deliver successful and sustainable digital transformations. We have proven experience working with national and state governments globally to overcome challenges at all stages of their transformation journey.

Governments and public sector organisations work on multifaceted and high risk challenges with wide ranging political and constituent stakeholders. For example, the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated the responsibility of government to service all needs of the community in an environment where the context for decision making changed almost daily.

Government agencies need to employ creative problem solving while navigating governance and complex procurement and partnership processes. Agile ways of working can increase the visibility of what is being worked on and also highlight what work is being prioritised so that policy and service can be created to drive the outcome of the highest value.

ADAPTOVATE helps governments and public sector organisations deliver better value to their citizens and stakeholders through adopting agile ways working.

ADAPTOVATE trains, consults, and coaches government agencies to develop products or services that are more user-centric by focusing on an incremental, iterative approach and cross-functional collaboration. ADAPTOVATE helps form agile teams to deliver value at a faster cadence by working in short iterative sprints.

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can help organisations working in highly regulated environments overcome their digital transformation challenges.

Our work with public sector organisations suggests three key benefits of adopting agile ways of working.

Clear focus on the right priorities through goal management framework such as Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to help organisations define strategic goals and measure outcomes.

Faster delivery of improved outcomes to citizens and stakeholders through an iterative and incremental approach that incorporates their feedback frequently

Improved team morale and productivity through a shift of leadership mindsets to empower self-organising teams by delegating decision making authority to them and giving them the tools and space that they need to move fast.

Working with clients.

We have delivered tangible benefits to governments and their citizens:

90% improvement in planning and prioritisation.

88% increase in employee empowerment.

72% improvement in efficiency.

Launching agile pilot teams at a government department’s digital transformation.