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ADAPTOVATE supports airlines on their change initiatives and organisational transformation journeys.

To be successful in an industry with high competition, price wars, supply chain disruption, and rapid environment changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines need to be able to adapt and change quickly. This requires nimble and efficient ways of working so that they can respond and pivot quickly according to market demands and develop customer centric solutions.

ADAPTOVATE helps airline organisations on their transformation journey to overcome these challenges and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

ADAPTOVATE trains and coaches team members within the aviation industry to embed and scale agile ways of working to establish empowered teams that are aligned to organisations goals.  

This allows airlines to adapt to market disruptions, reduce time to market and build customer-centric solutions through frequent customer feedback. 

ADAPTOVATE consultants assist airlines to translate strategy into work with measurable goals, cascade goals to teams, and build a framework to track progress and review goals regularly. This ensures teams are working on the top organisation priorities and reduces wasted effort and resources. 

Find out how ADAPTOVATE’s approach sets airline organisations up for successful digital transformation.

Airlines benefit from agile ways of working

ADAPTOVATE helps airlines embrace agile ways of working to sustain their transformation success.

Improve speed to market and adaptability to changes through an iterative test-and-learn delivery approach where small end to end solutions are released early in the market to obtain customer feedback and refine accordingly on a regular basis.

Increase efficiency of operations through cross-functional teams aligned to the organisation priorities that reduce handovers, siloes, and waste and increase collaboration and best practices sharing.

Enhance customer experience by using human centred design (HCD) methods to provide services that meet customer needs

Working with clients.

We work with airlines globally to deliver business and customer outcomes:

20% increase in revenue per offer by redesigning the seat upgrade offering to be more personalised.

15x Increase in stopover nights by creating a new customer centric Stopover.

Reduced time-to-market to deliver a solution for customers from months to 6 weeks through iterative ways of working.

Increased the speed of delivery with new ways of working at a leading global airline.