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ADAPTOVATE supports organisations in the automotive industry on their transformation journey to provide better customer experience and be more efficient.

Automotive organisations continuously look for ways to attract and maintain customers by providing innovative products and valuable services, while improving operational efficiency and employee engagement. As the market continues to see huge changes in business models and technology advancement, the combined pressures of evolving mobility, shifting customer and new regulations, has automotive organisations looking into ways to remain competitive. This has led organisations to embark on transformation journeys to explore new opportunities to better serve changing customer needs.

ADAPTOVATE supports agile and digital transformation in automotive to deliver tangible business and customer outcomes. 

ADAPTOVATE trains and coaches automotive organisations to embed agile ways of working to frequently collaborate with the customer which results in faster speed to market and satisfied customers.

ADAPTOVATE works with automotive organisations to determine the business objectives, cascade to teams, and monitor and adjust goals on a regular basis. This helps teams align to organisation goals, be empowered to make decisions, have more ownership of outcomes, and therefore more engaged.

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can support organisations in the automotive industry stay on top of the market changes.

Benefit from agile ways of working in automotive industry

ADAPTOVATE partners with organisations in the automotive industry to realise key benefits of agile ways of working.

Improve adaptability to market changes through a test-and-learn approach, starting with a prototype then iteratively developing the final end-to-end solution through regular feedback from customers.

Increase collaboration and efficiency through cross-functional teams that reduce handovers.

Attract and retain customers by using human centred design (HCD) methods to co-design products and services that enhance customer experience.

Working with clients.

ADAPTOVATE has worked with automotive organisations to deliver business and customer value. Most recently at leading global automaker, we:

Reduced time to create a prototype for a new online vehicle purchasing experience from months to 1 week and showcased at the largest dealer convention of the year.

Improved collaboration between the automaker and their dealer network while also improving the overall dealer confidence in the brand.

Enhanced method for new product development of related products by parallel teams by iterating on the delivered prototype.

Using Agile to prototype a digital purchasing experience for a leading global automaker.

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