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As an Atlassian Agile at Scale Specialist Partner, ADAPTOVATE implements Jira Align software into agile ways of working for agile at scale programs.

Home » Products » Atlassian partner

Business agility is essential to survival in fast-changing markets. Building and maintaining competitive advantage depends on the ability to align strategic priorities with work being delivered. Enterprise agile tools connect value delivery throughout the organisation, improving responsiveness and ensuring work is focused on the highest priorities. 


Jira Align increases transparency for leaders and team members from strategy through to the delivery of value in teams. 

Jira Align enables leadership to respond to changing internal and external demands on the organisation. Leaders need real-time visibility into aggregated data across the organisation. Leaders can use Jira Align to efficiently prioritise, confident that their decisions are based on real time status of work. 

Alignment of teams with strategic objectives requires all teams to understand priorities and dependencies. Using Jira Align teams can plan their work based on visibility of other teams’ plans, and secure in the knowledge that their work is aligned to strategic priorities. 


Atlassian is the global agile tooling software market leader. Gartner identifies Atlassian’s Jira Align as the leading enterprise agile planning software tool.  


ADAPTOVATE’s business-driven approach to agile implementation creates visibility of organisational needs from strategy through to work in teams. Specialist tools like Jira Align optimise value delivery. Embedding tools in agile ways of working ensures that operating models are sustainable and drive business outcomes.

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