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Agile Methodology Examples and Case Studies
Take a look at some case studies of industries and organisations that ADAPTOVATE have helped implement Business Transformations.

It’s useful for organisations to understand and see agile methodology examples and case studies, to understand if they need to consider this approach.

Long have the times passed where Agile was the sole domain of I.T. or the Tech industry.

Agile is now seen as the optimum business model methodology to adopt for most industries. Most industries or organisations are looking to create effieciencies. In their productivity, increased speed to market, and better employee empowerment and morale.

Who uses Agile Methodology?

ADAPTOVATE has worked with clients from every type of industry including :

  • Intensive Captial Heavy Industry (Energy, Mining, Manufacturing etc)
  • Financial (Banking, Insurance, Loans etc)
  • Health (Pharmacutical, Institutions, etc)
  • Government deparments, agencies, lobby
  • Human Resources
  • Engineering
  • Food & retail (Large chains, manufacting)
  • Not Profit sector

ADAPTOVATE will work closely with our client to best meet the outcome that they are looking for. It should be said that during our assessment we can determine that what a client ‘thinks’ they are looking for oftern turns out not to be what, in actual fact, is needed.

Agile Strategy examples

By undergoing these early discussions, we can determine the agile strategy that will be undertaken. Within ADAPTOVATE we have four key practices we initially operate under. After our assessment, we will undertake our work using one of the following or a combination of all.

  • Agile Operating Model Delivery
  • Agile Delivery Improvement & Scale
  • Agile Business Design & Innovation
  • Business Agility Consulting & Training

Agile Transformation

When embarking on an Agile Transformation of any kind, it’s important to start off the right way. This doesn’t mean, it needs to start big. In fact often times, we may encourage pilot teams. If the organization is global, and is looking to roll a new business model across many teams and regions this can be useful. As business change can involve 1000’s of people, pilot teams can be the way to start. Other times not. Have a look at our article on Top-down vs Bottom-up approaches.

Agile Methodology

The very term ‘agile methodology‘ may be confusing, misleading or obstructive to some. Many times, we will engage with an organisation, who have hired us to review their business model and are looking for a new business design to lead them into the future. ‘Agile’ may not even enter the conversation.

ADAPTOVATE believe that applying best practices that have formed the basis of Agile methodology, is always going to bring about positive change. However, sometimes it’s useful, particularly when speaking to employees, not to start with the terminology. Change can be difficult. We recognize that, and are able to help leaders and their teams write the playbook of their future.

Case Studies

With all that in mind, we are happy to share with you some case studies from past clients, to help you understand what our role in their business transformation was.


Case Study Government

Case Study Mining

Case Study Financial Service

Agile Examples

For further Agile examples you can head over to our featured stories where we highlight real-life stories from some of our clients and guests.

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