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Case Study – Large scale digital transformation at a leading Australian retail organisation  Outcomes delivered  Designed and…

Case Study – Large scale digital transformation at a leading Australian retail organisation 
Outcomes delivered 
  • Designed and implemented a new tangible operating model, for 1900 people, that addresses the organisation’s unique challenges in scaling, including organisation design and new quarterly operating rhythm. The new model allows rapid development and iteration of products balanced with a focus on functional capability uplift 
  • Adapted the client’s governance and funding models to increase alignment, speed-to-market and experimentation. The new governance, prioritisation and funding processes facilitates team autonomy through Objectives & Key Results and persistent team missions 
  • Designed a new quarterly operating rhythm which consolidated multiple planning & approval forums into a single organisation cadence 

Our client is the digital & innovation arm of a large Australian supermarket retailer. Within Australia, the supermarket industry is highly competitive and is experiencing rapid change in digital and product innovation. The client had an operating model with interdependent teams that could not scale or release products and features effectively. Business Agility was further limited due to their annual planning process, leading to misaligned priorities and budgeting requirements.

As COVID hit, digital delivery needed to increase by 10x in a matter of weeks. ADAPTOVATE was asked to help accelerate decision making and delivery, after 1 month were asked to move the entire organisation to [email protected] in 4 months – delivered

How we helped 
  • Designed and implemented an operating model in an iterative way to address the organisation’s unique challenges in scaling, covering 1900 staff and: 
  • 9 business areas with P&L  
  • 8 capability practices separate from delivery  
  • Adapted the client’s governance and funding models to increase alignment, speed-to-market and experimentation 
  • Designed and facilitated remote first workshops to get alignment, commitment, and teaming of executive leadership team on the need to change and to the new operating model 
  • Coached leadership teams on Agile ways of working that could improve the flexibility of their interactions with each other and their speed to market 

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