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ADAPTOVATE supports organisations with effective project management, organising resources to accelerate valuable outcomes.

Project management involves the planning, initiation, execution, monitoring and completion of a task or strategic initiative using a set of resources. Teams and organisations at all levels are organising these resources through project management methods in order to deliver outcomes. 


The challenge today is the environment in which these projects operate and the resources used are becoming increasingly more complex, largely due to acceleration in technology. In simple terms we are having to respond to ever-changing customer needs, in less time, using advancing technology.  


ADAPTOVATE helps organisations globally overcome these challenges and deliver projects effectively by empowering teams through agile ways working. 


ADAPTOVATE trains and coaches teams to embed agile ways of working that increase efficiency of delivery. Through an iterative test-and-learn delivery approach, project progress is validated with customers on a regular basis and feedback is collected to iterate on and refine the project. This reduces waste of delivering projects that do not deliver valuable outcomes. 


ADAPTOVATE partners with project teams to define measurable goals that are in line with organisation goals, and a framework to monitor and review goals frequently. This allows agile projects to respond faster to changes in the environment while ensuring transparency and alignment of work to the broader organisation strategy.

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can support your organisation evolve its agile project management to deliver more valuable outcomes.

Benefits of Agile ways of working in project management

Iterative delivery approach reduces waste by testing and refining solutions with customers early and regularly.

Increased speed of project delivery through short iterative development cycles.

Faster response to changes in environment by using sprints to regularly align on direction.

Focus on outcomes rather outputs by defining measurable goals linked to the organisation that are reviewed frequently.

Working with clients.

With increasingly challenging market conditions, a global energy client was looking for an opportunity to drive better, faster outcomes. ADAPTOVATE helped the client pilot and scale new agile teams with over 40 enterprise-wide initiatives launched to accelerate outcomes by leveraging agile ways of working. Key highlights include over $100 million of cost savings plus an 85% reduction in cycle time for two capital project strategies.

Accelerating outcomes for a global energy company.

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can support your organisation evolve its project management to accelerate outcomes.

Global insights

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