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Proven business transformation, driven by agility.


Marisa is passionate about helping companies achieve their strategic ambitions and be competitive and maintain relevance in the marketplace with a focus on customers and people. She enables organisations to shift mindsets and behaviours towards a value-based approach focused on business outcomes, while enabling individuals and teams to embrace change and differentiate themselves culture-wise. ​

Prior to ADAPTOVATE, Marisa spent more than 15 years working globally with agility in the Financial Services industry and Management Consulting across numerous sectors. She specialises in Agile at Scale transformation, Quarterly Delivery Cycles, Coaching, Design Thinking, and Technology Delivery. ​

Marisa’s diverse global experience in Advisory and Delivery includes:​

Led corporate teams at NA banks to change ways of working and evolve to high-performing, collaborative teams and use Agile to deliver innovative and market-leading platforms/products​

Coached Executives, partners, and teams to driving Agile at Scale transformation and Ways of Working, to deliver strategic market-disruptive platforms in FS, Retail, Energy, and NPO sectors​

Helped lead a major Canadian Insurance company to transform and launch their innovative greenfield digital business and disrupt the marketplace, using Agile at Scale and Ways of Working​

Led implementation of quarterly delivery cycles at a mid-sized UK bank, coaching Executive business leaders to align business strategy, objectives and key results to value delivery ​

Coached Executives and teams at a major Scottish bank to lead, design, and drive enablement of a large-scale enterprise transformation journey and evolve their Ways of Working across divisions​

Designed Agile operating models for FS, Retail, Technology-Health, and NPO organisations​

Led Executives and delivery teams in sprints to solve large and complex problems, build and design testable prototypes, launch, and scale products in North/South America, Europe, and APAC

Key facts:

  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto – Victoria University
  • SAFe 4 Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT)

Expert areas:

  • Business Agility
  • Europe