ADAPTOVATE promotes work-life blend and we actively encourage our team to manage their time and output in a way that  aligns with their personal commitments as well as business requirements. As a consultancy, the majority of our consulting team members  are based on client sites.  If team members are not project based they participate in internal work which allows for greater flexibility in remote working. Fridays are our ‘home base’ day, where we encouraged all team members to work from their local office to connect with their team. 

Staying connected and maintaining our culture while having a geographically dispersed team is a fundamental of agile working, something that’s applied since the inception of ADAPTOVATE. 

Different ways ‘ADAPTOVATORS’ stay connected include pulse check surveys, a fortnightly global team meeting, frequent Partner updates and local office catch ups, virtual happy hours and social connection activities like quizzes and online games and encouraging our team to share a passion and host a cooking class or deliver an art presentation!  

To support the mental health and wellbeing of our ‘ADAPTOVATORS’ and further help the sense of connection, we’ve created our ‘ ZenDAPTOVATE program which consists of online meditation sessions, virtual yoga sessions and mental and emotional well-being training and tips. 

Being an ‘ADAPTOVATOR’ means being part of an incredible team and having opportunities for personal and professional growth.  Our Career Development Program will help navigate your path towards achieving your goals. 

So, if you are an experienced Agile Coach, Leadership Coach, Management Consultant, Program Manager, Software Developer or you think you have the skills and attitude to be a great ‘ADAPTOVATOR’, please apply through [email protected] and be sure to share your resume or LinkedIn profile with us.    

For any concerns you may have you can download our recruiting privacy guide below.

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