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Manage disruption and change with Agile PMO 

 Change constantly surrounds us 


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To adapt, it is undeniable that organisations must undergo constant transformation. However, they find themselves hindered by increased barriersparticularly in the face of the new remote working environment. These include: 

  • Speed of change 
  • Organisations must rapidly pivot and reprioritise projects as business-critical objectives change and communicate and execute them effectively even remotely.  
  • Lack of Visibility 
  • Mid to Top level management have limited overview of employees and operations, minimising potential value of portfolio of investments or projects. 
  • Reduced employee efficiency 
  • Employees experience increased sentiments of uncertainty and distress over lack of clarity on processes, roles, expectations, and deliverables in new work setup.  

Manage change effectively with Agile PMO 

Organisations need to evolve how they have traditionally managed change projects.  

An Agile Project Management Office (PMO) is a centralised team that oversees governance and risk requirements of an organisations projectsIt differs from a traditional PMO by taking a coaching approach to project management, being more collaborative, efficient and flexible in supporting initiatives. 

Implementing an Agile PMO will deliver three main benefits. 

  1. Ability to rapidly pivot and increase speed to market to better respond to rapidly changing customer requirements while meeting demands of business.  
  1. Establish clear objectives and key results allowing greater team alignment and identification of best performance measures 
  1. Improvefficiency and effectiveness of all employees by breaking down silos and taking out bureaucracy. 


Five elements of a remote Agile PMO.

Cross-functional Agile teams   

Establish with clear roles and responsibilities (i.e.  Product Owner, Agile coach, chapter lead, and team members). They take an Agile approach to work, building in time to inspect and adapt to drive improvements in work delivery and team collaboration. 

Light touch PMO delivery initiative 

Light touch PMO coordinates overall outcomes. It should respond quickly to change, balance flexibility and stability and monitor project performances. An Agile PMO looks to empower projects rather than control them. 

Good Visual Management 

Provide transparency on transformation status through good visual management. A virtual mission control provides a view on progress and performance and will allow key meetings to take place with disciplined rhythm and routine.  

Initiative Support Teams 

Deploy support teams to turbocharge initiatives to deliver better outcomes. They support the development of roadmaps, creation of OKRs and reporting, help troubleshoot roadblocks, and introduce new ways of working to reinvigorate stalled progress. New ways of working include design sprints, customer journey workshops, value stream mapping, ideation sessions and inception sessions.  

Long term sustainability 

Considers sustainability of change implementation by evolving from support of Agile transformation design to a Ways of Working Centre of Expertise that improves Agile maturity through coaching and continuous improvement.  


The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to
act with yesterday’s logic. – 
Peter Drucker 



Whilst every organisation is different and as will be the specific barriers they face, establishing effective project management methods will provide universal benefits in improved decision making and productivity gains. Yes, although COVID-19 has pushed all industries to adopt remote working capabilities at a much faster rate than anticipated, it would be remiss to think that this is only temporary. Remote working is here to stay for the long-term, so flexibility and improved management techniques need to be built into a business operating rhythm.  

Our motto at ADAPTOVATE is ‘Success Sustained’. Let us help you sustain the success of change initiatives.  






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