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Best Video Conference Services of 2021

Kayla Cartwright, senior consultant at Adaptovate, uses several different video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts. In her opinion, Google Hangouts is the easiest to use. "I would recommend [Hangouts] for small-group conversations," Cartwright said. "The screen and sound quality are generally strong. As an added feature, if using the entire G Suite and Google Calendar, you can automatically add a Google Hangouts link to any event invitation for easy access, and the invitation will automatically add a Hangouts link and dial-in information."
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11 Ways To Stay Up On The Latest Industry Developments

Allocating a fixed amount of time every day for staying up to date is key. Some ideas include reading relevant publications, engaging in LinkedIn forums, speaking to two professionals in your network weekly to learn about problems that need solving, listening to podcasts on a walk and journaling about what got you most excited.
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16 Tips For Boosting Customer Satisfaction With Happier Employees

Give employees a sense of purpose. You can do this by creating a picture of what is most important to the customers and empowering people to determine how to get there. One way to achieve this is to establish aspirations, goals and measurable results that cascade across your organization. As results are achieved, individuals and teams have a clear line of sight into how they impact customers.

2 new promotions in USA and Singapore

ADAPTOVATE have announced the promotion of two senior employees. Andy Koh has  been promoted to Project Lead, based in Singapore.   Andy has led several initiatives for ADAPTOVATE in Singapore and has been with the company for two years. Likewise, Kayla Cartwright, based in the US has been promoted to Project Lead.  Kayla has been with…

ADAPTOVATE USA Managing Director speaking at CIO Leaders Forum

A strategic CIO is always looking ahead, but how can CIOs effectively plan for the future in a time defined by constant uncertainty? Now that the dust has settled on 2020 and the new normal is here, organizations understand that their ability to succeed depends on being able to adapt and remain agile. So how…

New Talent Scout for ADAPTOVATE in Europe – Jan 2021

As Adaptovate expand into Europe, we are pleased to announce the appointment of our new Talent Scout, Magda Koziol, based in Warsaw.  We will be announcing further open opportunities in Europe throughout 2021. Prior to Magda joining, all our open roles were recruited by our talent team headquartered in Singapore and Los Angeles.   We are…

New Hires in North America – Jan 2021

Adaptovate continues to expand with new hires in Canada and USA. We are pleased to announce in Toronto Canada, we have recently appointed Allen Levovski as project lead.    Allen most recently has spent several years with McKinsey & Company and we are thrilled he's taken the leap to join us. We are also pleased…
Hamilton Locke

ADAPTOVATE finalist in 2020 Awards

ADAPTOVATE has been announced as finalists in 3 categories in the 2020 Business Growth Awards.