ADAPTOVATE USA Managing Director speaking at CIO Leaders Forum

Nate Nelson speaking on January 19 : Enabling An Agile Organisation in the Year Ahead

A strategic CIO is always looking ahead, but how can CIOs effectively plan for the future in a time defined by constant uncertainty? Now that the dust has settled on 2020 and the new normal is here, organizations understand that their ability to succeed depends on being able to adapt and remain agile.

So how are leading CIOs doing this?

Nate Nelson joins senior leaders to discuss this January 19th 2pm ET

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Founded in 2017, Adaptovate is a privately held Australian management consulting firm. It has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Warsaw, Los Angeles and Toronto. The company won the 2020 Business Services Growth Company of the Year Award at the Australian Growth Company Awards, sponsored by Hamilton Locke


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