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Agile Basics: The Role of Scrum Master

Understanding the role of Scrum Master  What is the role of Scrum Master? We sat down with our consultants at Adaptovate and asked them to explain the role of the Scrum Master in Agile methodology.    While all their answers had their own personal spin – It came down to 5 crucial things. Skip to the…

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Four Unexpected Benefits of Agile

Agile is a powerful mindset. When adopted beyond it’s original purpose (software development), it opens up a world of possibilities.   Organisations in any industry, can now lean in to using these new ways of working.     We all want greater productivity, happy employees, better quality products and more ROI. It’s worth understanding Agile is not an…

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How can leaders support the agile journey?

7 WAYS LEADERS CAN SUPPORT THE AGILE JOURNEY According to Jerome Parisse-Brassens in a recent article from InsideHr,  “The number one challenge facing a leader in an agile culture is letting go of fears related to losing control and not being needed”. So, before we get to the list,  let’s set the scene. This letting…

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What motivates team members and how should teams deal with a problematic team member?

When teams are struggling with team cohesion we are often asked these two questions.   The two questions are intrinsically linked and if you fix one, you may very likely fix the other. First up let’s deal with the first question. What motivates team members? When we asked some of our own team at Adaptovate about…

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My teams wants to stop daily stand ups, what advice should I give them?

Daily stand ups are one of the cornerstones of being an Agile organisation. Andy Koh , an Adaptovate Consultant in Singapore, says “The daily stand-up can be one of the easiest ceremonies to get right when adopting the Agile way of working.” However they can often sound easier than they are in practice.  Because of…


The Back Story – Brigitte Odgers-Jewell

First up – how long have you worked with us? 3 months Why did you join us? Were you in the industry previously, or looking for a new career direction? I was looking for my next adventure and Adaptovate ticked all the boxes. Having spent the better part of 20 years in Australia I was…

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What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

What is the difference between coaching and consulting and where does ADAPTOVATE sit? At Adaptovate – we are often asked about the difference between Agile Coaching and Consulting.   Quite often our new recruits ask the question – and at Adaptovate we do both. Exploring Versus Providing Possibilities In a Forbes article from last year, one…

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5 Key Challenges with Agile @ Scale – and how to overcome them.

We reached out to some of our global team at Adaptovate.  Our mission was simple.  To uncover what they have found to be the top challenges with Agile @ Scale.  Then importantly, what can be done to overcome them. We all know that Agile requires a very different approach to management and leadership.  If this…

Agile Transformation at Mining Company Case Study

Transforming an approach to delivering value, beginning from the ground up The Challenge Our client, a large Australian mining company, wanted to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its global operations and functions​ while increasing staff and customer engagement. They decided to do this by implementing a new operating model based on Agile ways of working.…

Design Sprint Case Study

Using Design Sprints to develop a novel approach to strategic partnering for a major international resources corporation The Challenge ADAPTOVATE’s client was a global resources company in the mining, metals and petroleum sector. They handled multi-billion-dollar strategic service contracts each year, ​ but: ran the contract management process inconsistently across regions and vendors, lacked clear role demarcations and accountabilities, had…

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ADAPTOVATE promotes work-life blend and we actively encourage our team to manage their time and output in a way that  aligns with their personal commitments as well as business requirements. As a consultancy, the majority of our consulting team members  are based on client sites.  If team members are not project based they participate in internal work which allows for greater flexibility in remote working. Fridays…