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Paging Dr House, can television medical dramas teach us about Agile?

Alex makes some valid links between what it is to be an agile team with television medical dramas and how they operate.

Would George Clooney have been the amazing doctor he was on ER if it wasn’t for the fact that he and his teams were autonomous? or would McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy be free to be so steamy if his resources weren’t aligned?

House – despite his many quirks – consistently follows many of the agile principles. As does Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy and the medical team in ER (remember George Clooney as Dr Doug Ross?). So do triage teams all around the world. Not because agile is fad, but because the stakes are high and over hundreds of years we’ve evolved the system to allow these teams to function at their best.

Read more about these agile but not agile doctors on Alex’s post.

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