Richard Wilson

Richard, helps organisations with their agile at scale implementation to be more focused on customer and business value, helping them to delivering the right work and improving better outcomes and achieving faster time-to-market.  He was the co-founder of Jarow Digital (acquired by ADAPTOVATE) who became the first Atlassian Solution Partner in APAC to be accredited as an Agile at Scale Specialist​

Richard has 15+ years in portfolio and program leadership roles. He has held senior roles in the UK, the Netherlands, UAE and Australia​

Richard’s consulting experience includes:​

  • Leading and coaching a Centre of Excellence team at an Australian government agency to assist them with their agile @ scale processes across multiple portfolios. Richard improved their prioritisation processes, increased the visibility of the work and improved their predictability by helping them understand their capacity​
  • Coaching a global luxury retailer to improve their agile at scale process throughout Southeast Asia. Richard coached them in defining and delivering prioritised objectives and key results of their Digital presence. He also worked them to define a process to that the work they needed to achieve allowed them to plan and execute on work that provided the highest business value​
  • Coaching the leadership of a Thai fintech to improve their agile way of working.  He worked with the leadership to develop prioritisation techniques to ensure they were working on the right items. In addition, Richard also improved the flow of their work by making their dependencies more transparent and helping them to build out a roadmap and releases that was in line with their capacity​