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With Agile Teams, Who’s the Boss?

Originally published on Linkedin by Paul McNamaraCo-Founder, Partner and Managing Director at Adaptovate One of the hallmarks of agile is its flat organisational structure. Without a traditional hierarchy in place, it begs the question: who is the boss? A boss is still needed, even with the most established agile teams, for several reasons. They can…Continue readingWith Agile Teams, Who’s the Boss?

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What Are Chapters in an Agile Operating Model?

The Spotify Model? Tribes? Chapters? Squads? – What’s it all mean?    It’s been six years now since Henrik Kniberg shared the Spotify Model on his blog.    It was a vision for how Spotify would implement their operating model moving forward, as a work in progress.  Not intended to be set in stone –…Continue readingWhat Are Chapters in an Agile Operating Model?