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Cultural Influences on Agile Adoption

Adopting the Agile ways of working is difficult because it requires a change in mindset and behaviour. As a start, the Agile Manifesto is almost always used to showcase what is needed at a basic level. Those familiar with it will quickly resonate with the emphasis on customer focus, output orientation, adaptability in a volatile…Continue readingCultural Influences on Agile Adoption

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Developing Great Product Owners

What do organisations typically get wrong about Product owners? We share how to get it right Agile is becoming increasingly popular. For many organisations the flirt with Agile has evolved into a serious relationship – they are looking to scale their initial learnings and develop talent behind key Agile roles. The demand for new Agile…Continue readingDeveloping Great Product Owners

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How can leaders support the agile journey?

7 WAYS LEADERS CAN SUPPORT THE AGILE JOURNEY According to Jerome Parisse-Brassens in a recent article from InsideHr,  “The number one challenge facing a leader in an agile culture is letting go of fears related to losing control and not being needed”. So, before we get to the list,  let’s set the scene. This letting…Continue readingHow can leaders support the agile journey?