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The Back Story – Chelsea Bates


Our Monthly interview with one of the ADAPTOVATE team. Each month we ask one of our team from around the world to answer 10 questions. While not in the same league as The Proust Questionnaire – we think it’s a great way to share our stories with you.

This month we are speaking with Chelsea Bates, our Principle in our Melbourne office.

Ok! Our ten questions. (well actually nine this month! We are adapting and innovating)

1. First up – how long have you worked with us?

8 months

2. Why did you join us? Were you in the industry previously, or looking for a new career direction?

I had previously been working with a company who delivered software using agile. The opportunity to help companies apply the principles of agile across the broader organisation, and not just within technology, appealed to me as I had seen how engaged and successful the teams had been within technology.

3. How has your previous experience and career helped define where you are now? Would you have done things differently?

My career has taken a curved path with new opportunities and skills to learn with each role. I moved from accounting to sale across industries and with small private companies to large ASX organisations. They have all helped with the different skills needed for the role I am now in. On reflection, I wouldn’t have done anything differently as I have learned so many new things and had the opportunity to work with so many fantastic people.

Some of the team.   L-R Caitilin Studdert,  Alex Rebkowski, Doug Ross, Chelsea Bates at a recent conference where Adaptovate where giving a keynote.

4. How do you balance your work life with your ‘real’ life – Do you have a good balance and how important is it to you?

The work life balance is great! I have time for regular exercise and time with family and friends. Work life balance is important as I believe you need a balance to be happy with both. Get the balance wrong in one direction and the other suffers.

5. With so many of our team remote working, we always like to ask how do you have your home office/desk set up? Organised or chaos? Any top tips?

Organised. Upside of not having a huge amount of space at home 🙂

6. Do you play music during your Agile workshops with clients? What do you recommend on your latest playlist?

We haven’t recently, but we were helping a client last year with a solar project so used a playlist that referred to the sun for every showcase.  Spotify has my last playlist listened to as Happy Beats… 

[editor: as an added bonus we found this page with 60 songs about the sun and sunshine  – 🙂 )

7. How do you think technology has best helped humanity and do you have any concerns about our future?

Yes it has helped connect us, although always been contactable has its downsides. I love being able to call and see my friends and family who live overseas and interstate. The future of AI is fascinating and I am interested in how governments and organisations are dealing with the ethics of AI.

8. What does success mean to you personally?

Winning as a team! Be it crossing the finish line of the Oxfam trail walk with my team of 4 together or helping a client solve a cool problem together

9. Finally – You’ve time travelled back to your 10- year old self – What advice would you give?

Travel at any opportunity you get.

Chelsea travelling in Lisbon.


You can follow Chelsea Bates on Linked In.

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