The Inner Story – 10 Year Old Self

The Inner Story 2019 series.

What’s the Inner Story series? These are the hidden stories from our The Back Story team interviews in 2019.  When we went back and looked at all our interviews over the past year we noticed some powerful themes surfacing.    So we thought what better way to count down to 2020 than share some of these with you.   


We asked our team – You’ve time travelled back to your 10- year old self – What advice would you give?


Caitilin Studdert -Project Lead, ADAPTOVATE, Australia.

Your imperfections are just perfect. Stick with them.

Chelsea Bates – Principal, ADAPTOVATE, Australia.

Travel at any opportunity you get.

Steve Walton – Project Lead, ADAPTOVATE, USA.

Be more confident. I am at my best when I am relaxed and enjoying what I do.

Brigitte Odgers-Jewell – Project Lead, ADAPTOVATE, Singapore.

Keep up the French lessons, learn to play the piano, speak to your father in German, give up the ballet classes (you will never be coordinated), stand up for what you believe, it’s okay to disagree with the majority, not everyone will love you – it’s okay – the one’s that do, really do.

Katy Hughes – Consultant, ADAPTOVATE, Australia.

Always be polite, ask lots of questions and travel as much as possible!

Michal Bak – Principal, ADAPTOVATE, Poland.

Go for it, take decisions even if they are tough, and be ready to accept the consequences

Kayla Cartwright – Senior Consultant, ADAPTOVATE, USA.

Eat less candy. Wear more sunscreen. Be nicer to your sister 😉


You can read full interivews with our team at THE BACK STORY. 

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