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Inner Story 2020 – The 11th COVID question

Every month ADAPTOVATE publishes our employee interview of 10 questions called The Back Story. It’s that time of year when we feature some of the year’s answers in our annual wrap up called THE INNER STORY.

This year we had a special 11th question…

2020 started off wonderfully with all my extended family but very quickly turned sad with news of the devastating bushfires. I was full of optimism and was looking forward to new work opportunities, adventures, travel and personal growth … and boy did I get the last one! It has been a very tough and challenging three months since March but I think that’s the same for most people, no one saw a global pandemic coming. There is less uncertainty now but back in the midst of lockdown I knew I was doing all I could in my control to maintain a level of safety and sanity. Its good to remember that at the end of a downer there is always an up and Sydney and Australia are on the way up thankfully.

Advice I heard recently was “don’t waste a crisis, crisis is where careers are made. Know your strengths and supercharge them and lean in to your passions” So it got me thinking of the benefits of COVID-19:

• It helped the client meet their project deliverables. I think the teams would have struggled to achieve them in normal circumstances but remote working brought us together and we achieved our goals with high alignment and high autonomy
• Time to slow down and focus on what is important
• The realisation of how little we actually need to survive
• How important the simple things really are and the difference they can make.

Rachna Verma, Senior Consultant, Australia – The Back Story June 2020

Although we are currently living through a pandemic, I have made it a positive experience for myself. I have become Vegan and gluten free. I also have taken up the hobby of running. I run at least a 5k every day, and I feel amazing!

Tina Vielot, Consultant, USA – The Back Story July 2020

2020 has definitely been a difficult phase of life with so many uncertainties around. It definitely took some time to get used to the routine of getting dressed and sitting for your morning standup calls from home. However, as humans we adapt to change pretty fast and now I love my schedule and the fact that after work I have so much ‘Me’ time that I don’t have to spend on commute. And I am sure like me, most people out there are now loving this new normal of staying home, working in a routine and giving time to their loved ones.

Ash Patil, Consultant, Singapore – The Back Story August 2020

I continued to be open to grow and learn how I can stay true to my values and be grateful. 

Alan Trivedi, Principal USA – The Back Story September 2020

Strange, with an almost familiar undertone. Being the sci-fi buff that I am; having read countless books on the topic of past and future human kind and having watched endless movies depicting utopian and dystopian worlds, I was not overly surprised when we found ourselves in this mess. For the most part, I’ve written it off to learnings and self development. I’ve had to be strong and continue forward; there is not much else one can do. As far as l life is concerned, i believe its made me stronger. I am certainly a lot more patient than I’ve ever been. I’ve found innovative ways to keep in contact with my family and closest friends, explored all the family gaming apps one could find and have focused on developing me. In terms of work, well this has been tough. Working on-site with clients to build strong working relationships is so much easier than working remotely across multiple time-zones and not having the personal interaction. But with technology as the enabler, I have found new ways to bring my work to life.

Greg Tennant, Senior Consultant, Singapore – The Back Story October 2020

Home life with 3 kids has been so hectic but so nice at the same time. I have swapped time on public transport to being able to drop the kids at school and be there to pick them up. On the flip side I really miss face to face interactions however this year ive been able to work with my global colleagues in Warsaw, US and Singapore on projects which may have proven too difficult in ‘normal’ circumstances. The last 9 months has brought our team closer together as a global team which is pretty cool!

Laura Scott, Senior Consultant, Australia – The Back Story November 2020

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