The Inner Story – Technology and Humanity

The Inner Story 2019 series.

What’s the Inner Story series? These are the hidden stories from our The Back Story team interviews in 2019.  When we went back and looked at all our interviews over the past year we noticed some powerful themes surfacing.    So we thought what better way to count down to 2020 than share some of these with you.   

THE INNER STORY – Technology and Humanity

We asked our team how they thought technology has best helped humanity and do they have any concerns about our future?

Caitilin Studdert -Project Lead, ADAPTOVATE, Australia.

Yep, technology which provides a ‘voice’ for those who don’t have one, is incredible. Even social media I’m not afraid of as I’ve been exposed to it for so long and am aware of the messy parts and best bits. The concerns are mostly environmental and I’m hoping I’m supporting this as best I can. When I  am appalled, are in rare scenarios where technology replaces interaction and empathy.

Chelsea Bates – Principal, ADAPTOVATE, Australia.

Yes it has helped connect us, although always been contactable has its downsides. I love being able to call and see my friends and family who live overseas and interstate. The future of AI is fascinating and I am interested in how governments and organisations are dealing with the ethics of AI.

Steve Walton – Project Lead, ADAPTOVATE, USA.

I think technology enhances everything. Enhances the negatives as well as the positives. We can have too many gadgets or use too many tools and make our life difficult. My recommendation is to stay aware of what tools are out there but changes only every year or so to let people get used to using them. The concern I have for the future is that we forget to bring everyone along. We have a huge potential to develop a future in which technology enables greater social inclusion, as we simplify interfaces and potentially make access to services less expensive.

Brigitte Odgers-Jewell – Project Lead, ADAPTOVATE, Singapore.

It’s hard to keep up with technological advances and all that AI is doing for humanity. I am so grateful that I can connect with my family at any time, from anywhere and on any devise. It has made my choice to move to Asia and leave my family in Australia so much easier. To know that I can not only talk to them but see them at the click of a button is very comforting. There are countless people around the world that have to leave their families to go and work in far off destinations this technology makes it a little easier.

I am not really concerned about the future from a technology perspective. We are adaptive, creative and inquisitive creatures. What does worry me are our world leaders and governments keeping up. There needs to be a plan to keep people relevant and embrace technology at the same time.

Katy Hughes – Consultant, ADAPTOVATE, Australia.

Technology has helped humanity in more ways than I can possibly describe or do justice to in this short interview – it impacts almost everything we do on a day to day basis. As someone who lives in a different hemisphere to the majority of my friends and family, the ability to feel connected to them is what I value most, and technology allows me to do so. I don’t think technology should be something humanity feels threatened by, as long as it is treated with the respect it deserves – it should be used to enhance our lives not replace humanity.

Michal Bak – Principal, ADAPTOVATE, Poland.

I am watching closely the development of AI. But I always look at it from the human perspective – what does it mean for us, humans? how will our jobs and professions change? what kind of new skills will be required? I want to be able to help people and organisations adapt to the new reality

Kayla Cartwright – Senior Consultant, ADAPTOVATE, USA.

Technology has democratized knowledge in a way that makes me hopeful for students who might not have access to information or experiences based on where they live. At the same time, I have great concerns about how technology is going to impact kids’ (and adults’) ability to relate to one another and interact across lines of difference.

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