The Inner Story – What does success mean to you?

The Inner Story 2019 series.

What’s the Inner Story series? These are the hidden stories from our The Back Story team interviews in 2019.  When we went back and looked at all our interviews over the past year we noticed some powerful themes surfacing.    So we thought what better way to count down to 2020 than share some of these with you.   



We asked our team what success meant to them?


Caitilin Studdert -Project Lead, ADAPTOVATE, Australia.

Success for me is if any achievement is shared. A celebration on your own is downright boring.

Chelsea Bates – Principal, ADAPTOVATE, Australia.

Winning as a team! Be it crossing the finish line of the Oxfam trail walk with my team of 4 together or helping a client solve a cool problem together.

Steve Walton – Project Lead, ADAPTOVATE, USA.

Success means the ability to do what I love with confidence and being in the position to choose what some of those things are.

Brigitte Odgers-Jewell – Project Lead, ADAPTOVATE, Singapore.

Being able to spend quality time with my family and friends and knowing that I have contributed in some way to the happiness or success of someone in the word.

Katy Hughes – Consultant, ADAPTOVATE, Australia.

Success to me is enjoying what you do and doing it well. As long as I am enjoying what I do I will consider myself successful!

Michal Bak – Principal, ADAPTOVATE, Poland.

Being happy with your life. Being able to say “I’ve had a good life”

Kayla Cartwright – Senior Consultant, ADAPTOVATE, USA.

Enjoying and learning in as many moments as you can. There’s a popular American beachy musician named Jimmy Buffet; I try to live my life by one of his song lines (among many): “If we didn’t laugh we would all go insane”.

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