The Inner Story – Work Life Balance

The Inner Story 2019 series.

What’s the Inner Story series? These are the hidden stories from our The Back Story team interviews in 2019.  When we went back and looked at all our interviews over the past year we noticed some powerful themes surfacing.    So we thought what better way to count down to 2020 than share some of these with you.   



We asked our team how they balance work life with their ‘real’ life. Do they have a good balance and how important is it to them?


Caitilin Studdert -Project Lead, ADAPTOVATE, Australia.

Let’s not pretend, all of us have times where work / life is completely out of whack but fortunately I’ve had great leaders who have acknowledged how important it is to seek it constantly. When I’m involved with a client I obsess over learning about the company and industry because I’m a big believer in the power of preparation. In my ‘real life’ -my family is the bees knees. I run with them, burn perfectly good food with them by mistake, watch great quality trashy TV with them and adore our generous extended family. Without them, I wouldn’t be as gritty and imperfect.


Chelsea Bates – Principal, ADAPTOVATE, Australia.

The work life balance is great! I have time for regular exercise and time with family and friends. Work life balance is important as I believe you need a balance to be happy with both. Get the balance wrong in one direction and the other suffers.


Steve Walton – Project Lead, ADAPTOVATE, USA.

This year my life has been crazy in the most exciting of ways. I am someone who gets immersed in the work when they enjoy it and see the benefits of their effort. The last year and a half I have worked with someone exciting clients doing things that were going to change their thinking and internal interactions in a way which would enrich the working lives of their staff while simplifying their businesses. During the day I am fully present and work long days. I balance the long days with leaving my work behind when I finish the day. Spending time with those close to me is important to me. I am very thankful for video conferencing to let me be with them when I can’t be there in person.


Brigitte Odgers-Jewell – Project Lead, ADAPTOVATE, Singapore.

I’d describe it as work life integration. I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister and have a full-time corporate career. It’s what I signed up to and it’s up to me to make it work. I work hard and I play hard, I love it! There are a few non-negotiables that get me down if skipped. I try to do 30 minutes of exercise and 10 minutes of meditation 5 days a week before touching any technology. I also try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Every now and then a demanding schedule throws a spanner in the works. Being disciplined to get back into routine is hard sometimes but I feel so much better for it. I’m so privileged to be able to go to some amazing holiday destinations around the world every year with my family. I make sure that the batteries are recharged and I’m ready for whatever opportunities await me. On the weekends when I’m home, I make sure I go for a run, long walks and cuddles with Roxy my dog and make time for romance.


Katy Hughes – Consultant, ADAPTOVATE, Australia.

Work / life balance is really important to me. Even throughout busy periods in work I try to maintain a good routine of

  1. Exercising – making sure I am able to exercise 3-4 times a week really helps me focus and release any stress!
  2. Working from the office instead of home – as much as possible I work from the office, even if it means staying late! This enables me to separate my home life from my office life
  3. Understanding and respecting my team’s commitments – at the beginning of each project, we get together as a team to outline our team norms, ways of working and commitments. Understanding these upfront and respecting them when they occur ensures the whole team have a good work /life balance!


Michal Bak – Principal, ADAPTOVATE, Poland.

I believe there is only one “life” – I don’t make a distinction between work life and personal life. I try to see my life as a whole and act upon it. That means that I take advantage of every moment and anything that my life brings to me, and at the same time relentlessly follow my passions.


Kayla Cartwright – Senior Consultant, ADAPTOVATE, USA.

I think I have a strong “balance”, probably because this is VERY important to me. I prefer to think about work-life “integration” instead of balance. If you can be part of an organization that aligns with your values and allows you to bring your true self to work, then integration is much easier. I’ve been happy to find that here at ADAPTOVATE so far. On a more tactical note, I prioritize and focus on outcomes so that I make sure I use my time wisely; I aim and usually get 8 hours of sleep and try to spend lots of time with my loved ones (including my pup!), usually enjoying good food, hiking or going to the beach.

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