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Change management is essential to drive meaningful, sustainable transformations. Our approach to transformation focuses on communicating to organisation why change is taking place then focusing on capability build, so teams are highly engaged and the organisation can sustain the change.

Why are we changing? 

Everyone needs to know about the goals the organisation is working towards. We also need to inform people about why we think agile ways of working will deliver business outcomes.

What is changing? 

Transparency and clarity about what is going to happen is essential when managing change.  


Leaders need to clarify whether the business objectives have changed, we are hoping to improve or launch new products or change to working with cross functional teams across parts of the business to achieve a particular outcome.

How will the changes be communicated using an Agile approach to organisational change?

Our approach is Agile for organisational change.  We launch cross functional teams to drive a collaborative approach in the change to be achieved. 


We need to be transparent, clear on timelines and expectations for teams. 


Regular communications are required to build strong engagement during any change to ways of working. Build resilience to ambiguity and apply an iterative approach to communications, smaller, more frequent updates rather than only big updates in large forums (bi-annual town halls or offsites). 


The communication needs to feel different.  Leaders will need to participate in experiential learning, open forums, videos, social media blogs etc.  

How teams will be supported throughout the change?

Communicate where you are at the start and the goal of the change to align expectations. On top of face to face and other forms of communication about progress, setting up a mission control in a physical or/and virtual environment would ensure you reach a broader audience.  


Evolve the support provided according to the stage of the transformation. Continuously adapting the way support is given can be crucial for a sustainable change. A disciplined adaptative approach to roll out the change at each of the stages: assess and train, design, transition and sustain. Agile change management consultants provide mentoring to define the scope of the projects, training to enable internal teams, coaching during transition to ensure mindset and behaviours are sustained.  

We are strategic partners for organisations to help them evolve in the way they manage change with a mixed approach of consulting and coaching. 

The main four benefits of agile change management services are:

Increased ability to respond to changing communication requirements. The capability built in your teams will allow them to adopt change not once, but as needed in the future. 

Improved performance with a full view of the baseline and progress of the program available to everyone. This powerful way to ensure the entire organisation feels informed will reinforce the feedback loops for continuous improvement. 

Greater alignment and faster identification of dependencies and obstacles. An integrated program will allow your organisation to anticipate and mitigate risk as they execute the change.

Increased engagement of employees. People are inspired to adopt new behaviours and adopt new mindsets that will make the change meaningful.  

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