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What do these women have in common? Diana Nyad, JK Rowling, Katherine Johnson, Yalda Hakim, Joan of Arc, Harriet Tubman

To celebrate INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY on March 8, it’s important to think about the women who have inspired us along the way, and share that inspiration.  The trailblazers who have paved the way towards improved equality for women around the world.   #eachforequal

So we asked some of our ADAPTOVATE team this question:

If you could have a conversation with a woman (past or present) who has inspired you – who would it be and why?

Mina Gurgis, Senior Consultant – Sydney :  “I am inspired by working mums. They have extraordinary skill of prioritising work and commitment to delivering what they sign up for even though they are always time poor. When I was studying my MBA, I had many group assignments with students from different backgrounds (some working professionals and some full time students). Whenever we had one in a team, we knew we could trust her to deliver the best quality of work and run the most efficient meetings.”

Amanda Rennie, Office Manager – Sydney: “The woman I would choose to have a conversation with is JK Rowling. She’s created a story with worldwide appeal, which has spun off into films, a play and theme-parks. The way she writes and language she uses is both clever and appealing across all-ages. She’s a self-made billionaire who famously lost her billionaire status due to the amount she’s given away to charity. I think she’d be a highly entertaining conversationalist with lots to say on the world around her PLUS her “clap-backs” to Twitter trolls are amazing.”

Caitilin Studdert, Principal – Sydney: “Diana Nyad – you describe the concept of ‘find a way’ when you hit obstacles – tell me how you so consistently pick yourself up when your first attempt fails as a ‘first’ attempt often fails in business”

Rachna Verma, Consultant – Sydney: “Yalda Hakim – your career as a journalist has taken you to countries where female empowerment is much lower on the national agenda. Based on your travels and observations, how have you helped to lift female empowerment and what benefits have you seen come from this?”

Paul McNamara, Co-Founder – Sydney: “Katherine Johnson – the NASA scientist who passed recently. She is an inspiration for the STEM areas, and some of the issues are still relevant today. Inspiration for all.”

Simmy Li, Chief Talent Scout – Singapore:  “Get a translator to interview Joan of Arc, to ask ‘What make you unstoppable?” When I was a kid, reading St Joan story book, she ‘grilled’ in my mind immediately. Why is this girl is so brave? How can she make it? Is she a real super hero? I love her. She seems to have no fear for anything. It’s cool!”

Nate Stickney, Senior Consultant – Singapore: “Harriett Tubman is an American icon for helping rescue folks from slavery, and work towards its abolition. Given the racial context of the work she did, people often overlook that she was a political activist in a society where women didn’t yet have the right to vote. Her leadership and grit in the face of adversity is astounding, and would lead to a fascinating conversation.”


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