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What is Agile Marketing?

Agile software development has been around for decades now.    As learned from previous ADAPTOVATE reports, Agile is now finding strong growth in industry and functions outside of software development.  In this mini-series we will be exploring “What is Agile…” in different functions, and why it’s working well, and how you can implement today.

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Agile Marketing

Agile marketing is the next level of customer-centric marketing for organisations of every type. It’s a framework that emphasises the value of learning and constant iteration over opinions and conventions.

Chris MacLeod, a senior consultant in ADAPTOVATE Sydney says, “It’s about customer-centricity, iteration, constant improvement, and never-ending experimentation. Think of it as the opposite of the MadMen/Don Draper approach.”

By taking the Agile approach in software development and then using that inspiration and thinking in Marketing, we are able to create new ways of working and new models for Marketing functions.

Why would you implement Agile Marketing?

There are two reasons why marketing should think about agile:

Current ways of working are not delivering value. There are long lead times to see value and benefits. We need to get faster output to customers, get feedback and iterate.

External factors mean the organisation needs to change its ways of working (eg. operating model) if it wants to survive and remain competitive in the market (eg. COVID-19).

So, what is is Agile Marketing?

Jim Ewel, co-author of the Agile Marketing Manifesto describes Agile Marketing as “an operating system for Marketing”.    By this he means, it’s not a “type” of marketing eg: digital marketing, or content marketing or social media marketing.  Agile Marketing is a methodology to get those types of marketing done more efficiently and quickly and rewarding the customer with the right message at the right time.    

If your organisation is not leveraging some sort of agility in it’s business practices, you’re truly missing out. There are massive improvements readily available to marketing organisations.

Due to the combined gains in speed, predictability, transparency and adaptation, it’s worth discussing how to leverage the benefits of Agile for your marketing endeavours,” suggests Ray Freeman, Project Lead in ADAPTOVATE USA.

Traditional Marketing…

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Thank you to the following Contributors:

Patrick Fitzgerald, Senior Consultant, Los Angeles
Ray Freeman, Project Lead, Los Angeles
Yi Jin, Associate, Melbourne
Michelle Li, Graduate, Sydney
Paul McNamara, Partner and Managing Director
Chris MacLeod, Senior Consultant, Sydney
Rachna Verma, Senior Consultant, Sydney

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