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The biggest challenge with implementing an Agile Framework is knowing where to start and which one to pick.

What is an Agile Framework?

A framework is essentially a methodology (you may have heard of Agile methodology) or process. Each Agile methodology has it’s own set of unique elements. However all Agile frameworks will incorporate the core values of agile listed below:

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  2. Working software (or products) over comprehensive documentation
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  4. Responding to change over following a plan

What types of agile frameworks are there?

There are several. including Scrum, and Scaled Agile Framework. However not all will be useful to specific businesses. Many times we will recommend a business modify a specific framework to accomodate a niche requirement.

Briefly let’s look at two frameworks:

SCRUM framework – There are three defined roles in scrum, product owner, scrum master, and team member. The Scrum framework allows teams to establish new processes that allow for short sprints cycles (2 weeks usually), and a test and learn mindset. The sprint cycles establish defined work to be done from ‘the backlog’.

Scaled Agile framework, SAFe ©- is an copyrighted methodology, that allows for an organized, (methodical) approach to scaling agile across large business. Incorporating many scrum teams, tribes, and tribes of tribes, it usually is used for institutions that have thousands of employees. (think banks, heavy industry, health, government).

How to choose an agile framework?

It will depend on your business needs and size. Careful assessment of your business maturity and ambitions will help us determine which agile framework is the right one for your organization.

ADAPTOVATE conduct maturity assessments to identify how mature a team or organisation is on their agile journey. It provides a baseline understanding of maturity, prioritised recommendations for improvements to increase maturity backed up by finding. 3 key enablers that may impact the speed of delivery in a business are clear prioritisation so teams have clarity and can focus on what matters and will deliver value, autonomy and collaboration, with product owners setting out the ‘what’ and self-organising teams can figure out the ‘how’. 

What value does an agile framework deliver?

The reason you would choose an agile framework over waterall development becomes more apparent the more value you achieve.

Including :

Your employees are more motivated to produce their best work, AND motivated to stay with your company.

Your customers and stakeholders are seeing working results more regularly as you implement test and learn strategies.

You are delivering to market faster, and maximizing profits.

Agile frameworks in action.

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