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Agile Coaching at a Bank Case Study
Learn how we re-designed the mobile solutions team at one of Australia’s big four banks.

Re-designing the mobile solutions team at one of Australia’s big-four banks

The Challenge

ADAPTOVATE’s client was a big-four Australian bank whose mobile solutions were being challenged by increasingly sophisticated customer expectations, the rapid pace of change within the market, and the entrance of disruptive innovators. The rest of the bank had embarked on a large-scale Agile transformation and the mobile team were finding it difficult to align their work with other teams. The challenge was two-fold: the mobile solutions team needed to increase their speed to market and learn how to work in alignment with the other teams.


In collaboration with the bank, ADAPTOVATE co-designed a new operating model to rapidly deliver innovative customer solutions through a new cross-functional Mobile tribe.

We trained and mobilised 20 cross-functional squads within the new tribe on agile ways of working to establish a common tribe-wide language and baseline understanding of new ways of working. We then assessed the maturity of each of these squads​ to focus our coaching efforts.

In conjunction to the development of the squads, ADAPTOVATE coached the tribe leaders in new ways of leading their teams. We coached them on giving and receiving open feedback, overcoming obstacles, and continuous improvement. We helped develop and implement simple yet effective tools to ensure transparency and alignment on priorities throughout the tribe.


Using a new agile operating model, ADAPTOVATE helped the bank transform its delivery of customer value. With our guidance, the mobile team began adopting a new culture that put agility at the heart of their work. Taking three months and involving 200 people it led to higher levels of staff engagement, increased ownership down to the individual, and fundamentally better customer outcomes.

Adaptovate - Business Agility specialists
Adaptovate - Business Agility specialists