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Read below our case study of developing a large scale Operating Model design for the Human Resources function at a leading Australian retailer.

The client is the Human Resources function of Australia’s largest retailer with around 900 employees serving over around 200,000 employees across the broader business.  


The retailer had experienced success in agile operating model design in one of their business units beginning their agile transformation and looked to HR to be a front runner to support and enable the broader transformation across the business.  


There was a desire to change how they worked to shift the focus from functional silos to become employee experience led.

HR function had a burning platform for change consolidating the foundations and facing pain points around difficulties in prioritisation, duplication of work, siloes between the different functions and lack of end-to-end ownership with their existing operating model over 5 years old and no longer fit for purpose .


Aligned on the reason for change, strategic objectives and the new operating model design principles with the Chief People Officer and the HR executive leadership team.  


Co-designed the overall operating model shell with the leadership team and direct reports through face to face and online workshops.  


Detailed design a pilot of the operating model featuring 1 Practice with 5 Chapters and 2 Tribes consisting of over 50 squads in total.  


Detailed design the rest of the model in collaboration with team members focused on team journeys and unlocking capability and value delivery.

Key Activities

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can support HR on their transformation journey.

The Results:

The Results: A fit for purpose operating model that is aligned to the company and HR strategy.

Organised around building key employee capabilities.

Designed to drive best practices and standards.

Organised around employee journey and experience.

Designed to deliver business objectives

Adaptovate - Business Agility specialists
Adaptovate - Business Agility specialists